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say english or get bant

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i bet she got rid of the wood cnc
wasnt that him?
i dont know
this was big

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woah that house got up there

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i dont know why that shit creeps you out
like, lame switches are lame
well end him
that sucks
i still like the duct tape one

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youre the one calling the blue shell a pussy
its like purple blue
as far as skintones go
everything else is like towards pearly beige

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that scraped up metal one looks pretty cool
thats the best looking one
hate that
okay i gotta get off the irc and do stuff
i have to move computer and power strip
theres no little set of lips
shells are pink inside
and the outside is blueish, which isnt really normal pussy color
shes translucent white?
i was thinking bruised but whatever

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in your house or where
and its not as creepy as hippie
the shell?

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wait so what won the 555 tournament
wasnt it like a month ago

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macegr: when does it turn off
blackmoon: but then how do you find the faucet valves
thos are weird
oh there seems to be words in between the images and videos
ac-130u: thanks!
you just gotta use the metal studs on the jacket

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granny smith apple, not jobs apple
no i didnt
i said i juiced them
moon did better with his drinking cucumbers jokes
i just drank like 10 of them
juicing is kinda expensive
actually i was procrastinating by looking for a dr
also im like, woah my health plan pays for acupuncture

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i just juiced a whole bag of organic apples
how many is a gross
anyway fuck yeah, apples
i did
anywatf wtf do you have against apples
no the ones from trees

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mr_roboto: at exjob we had a metcal with a .75" wide chisel tip
could heat up all 3 pins of a .2" pitch transistor
and it would just fall out, awesome shit

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