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fulltime where
okay well that would be neat
but go to korea
they have warning signs with little chibi city workers getting electrocuted

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hey the thin crust from pizza hut was pretty good
or maybe dominos
macegr: have you been to kr yet?

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macegr: in seoul there was like this drape of rgb leds covering the side of the building
they were doing vid with pretty high refresh, pretty cool
yeah they had rgb stuff for no reason
on like city bridges and shit
and be that asshole white guy?
i like brooklyn
you should go
+ chinese wife

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yeah i was going to say
and why not 10W

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yeah but his description works too
when are you doing like a 10W single group of emitters shiftbright

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wtf wind

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and isnt it a bunch of LEDs on heatsinks with some sort of lens/mirror/prism/whatever thing
its not like one 100W led
or did he get one of those
little army of dies
well its 3 at least
or no doesnt it change colors

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he already has your stuff?
what like you shit isnt on ebay or people dont talk about it on forums
you know estonia has sbs
no now you have to say more
core per led
yeah i was looking for his hostmask

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wtf is nergo and where are you from
machined or polished or what
i can see the lines and it still looks awesome

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where you live?

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is it trace or header?
no i mean what burns first
damn that shit sould be like a big copper pour blob
diode = fuse
do not mount arduino flat when using the VIN output in high current mode
mosfet for what
motors or mosfets

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depends on source impedance i guess
yeah but you can blow those up!
wait so 9v through a pot?
so itll work
until he gives it more knob
then he can tell us what the adc says when the port or admux or ad converter is blown up
we can help him troubleshoot the dead shit in the chip!
wow what a fucked up destructive way to learn electronics
arduino shouldnt be used for output wat

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dont say Q to ask a question
because dont ask to ask the question
and Q means something else here
its junk i think
its off?
i just assumed junk i always hit it within few ms and hammer it
oh it has enable?
i forgot about that shit
dont they pwm at 200KHz or something?
or 200 and 800 or 80 and 200 or something

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oh sweet
monkeyisl: i did that
on accident
well not really
i asked for no soldermask on the top
and black silk
and they put the blue soldermask on both sides with black silk
and its really dark blue
and my shit is all copper pours so its almost black under the blue

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macegr: bite the copper around the mount hole
also nice @ big data dir arrow
thats good i thought like, damn how long did it take him to do that in sketchup
you should do black
with grey silk or something
that way you can kind of have them not visible

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haha, max current
tho i never burnt any
i thought you mentioned it was too high
this was like 1000 years ago tho
what does 2.0 do
how does a sb work better
google it
just one?
i <3 my samsung stuff

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dont you have a boombox or something?
all that shit will prob have log pots, annoying for anything except audio
and kinda annoying for that too sometimes

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yeah but is it a bga or some fucked up to rework part?
leadtime, sucks
but yeah that shit should rework quick unless its got a power pad
wtf i was joking no
get some sensor or something
io expander
dont get something else you have to program

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`nico: at least it happened quick
one of our CM bought fast instead of slow fuses, P/N was off by one letter
took weeks for shit to start coming back
finger test!
use your forearms!
he makes the fry machines
`nico: pcb is okay?
thats lame but you can fix it, what package is the wrong part?

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if you read books about track running it might!

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