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ha @ mrtubes speaker
ive power tested those
oh it says new
trip out me burning out their old ones led to that
fs is too high

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well if you feed it gcode and its not setup right itll crash
has it moved at all?
not even when you start it up?
then its not homed
it has limit switches?
oh so it has buttons
well jog buttons and shit
you need to figure out how to zero it in the g54 workspace
prob with the buttons
and i dont know if you have to set limits and home manually or it has limit switches for that or what
im like waking up this big conversion cnc mill at work
manual mill converted to CNC
pc controller, the step driver connection is serial port, which is weird

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thats the controller
so i guess yours is even older
mrtube: is the mill homed?
and do you have a workspace zero set?
mrtube: you usually have to set workspace zero manually
using manual gcode block entry or jogging and special commands

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typically you safety block
so you would set your units of measure, youre movement modes, your default workspace
then you often have tool change procedures
but prob not on that
that does have a controlled spindle, tho
well it should
so you need to learn how to setup speeds and rotation and turn the shit on
then yeah its just normal linear and rapid movements
and either a rewind or stop for the end
the leds is all it has?
thats maybe what we had

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whats wrong with it
i think i drove one in school
think it was a boss 8
and yes i know gcode
no you have to load the file on the controller
im pretty sure
it doesnt have a display?
weird the boss thing we had has a big crt
well that sounds unrelated
like its in some fault state, or needs to be homed, or some shit
you need to get the manual

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heh korea is like whatever

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