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blackmoon: the fixture as a whole was a tad fail
because i was using some warped plywood as a spoilboard
but the double sided duct tape seems to work awesome
i had trouble getting the aluminum panel off the board without warping it
then it peels right off the panel

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why is that guy standing in front of packages from the early 90s
like fine pitch dip and th qfp wtf

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timecop_: my cnc spins tools into metal at around .001" precision
im not sure of anyone else in here who can make that claim
besides sculptor

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buy what

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heh, gonna be a long night with stupid CNC
uh, ya
ive had a cnc for like 5 years
my shit actually works, too
its not some conceptual in progress thing

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11:06 < monkeyisl> btw i figured out how to high/low clk&dat... i can drive this cheap gook led drivers. for now..by arduino ...at least
arent you azn?

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blackmoon: i saw 10
so we got like a week til the first of it hits us!
jetstream times from jp

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get your particles on each other
right so hugging loved ones and rubbing your radiactive particles on each other would spread it

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blackmoon: for cutting a panel edge, double sided tape onto wood or acrylic sheet?
i think itll be okay
blackmoon: torrentz.com is pretty good
blackmoon: normally i wouldnt
but in this case i think it might be okay, lots of surface area
im going to use a small cutter, slow and shallow
im sure lowes has some 3m shit
i go check

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go what like go fight over the dog barking wtf
yeah but then the cops arent on your side anymore

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