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macegr: i has them
well silver ones
i lost a ball i cant make the full cube =(
spares are not so cheap!

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yeah fucks bike on the street
i say that as a rider and a driver

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haha cool
truing wheels isnt hard so much as it is annoying
hmm i wonder if rhett is done doing stuff to my bike

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macegr: status of sb2
but all the 3d graphics and talk of mousebites

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not yet

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yeah but that stuff is a bitch to unglue
CA glue comes off with heat?
and loctite is like 40 diff things
theres lots of solvents that will eat CA tho
that makes sense tho
because it doesnt harden just sitting in air
srsly loctite is like 40 diff things

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blackmoon: double sided duct tape is pretty win
the warped plywood was kinda fail, but i think using a piece of acrylic or flatter wood held down better, would have been close to perfect
like, i almost bent the .1" aluminum panel trying to pull it off the board
would have sucked this is for work =\
it peels right off tho
so prob not good at all for smaller/taller parts

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