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iron for chip resistors and caps, most connectors, hot air for pretty much everything else

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he prob just rips them out

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yeah its the two days before my bday
monkeyisl: just stay out of oakland
youll be fine
most of the bay area is allergic to guns
they break out in hives and they cant breathe when you bust one out

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yeah most of them will have huge sizes
because they have an actual pizza oven
instead of the conveyor
so they just need to buy a big pizza shovel and theyre in the mega pizza biz
rab: i like thin crust because its much easier to get right
deep dish seems pretty easy to fuckup
rab: that makes sense
i ate a pizza with pepperoni for the first time in months
omfg junkie shit
yes maybe
its my bday weekend or something
im going to start doing sth like monkeyisl
prob save me several minutes over the course of my lifetime

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sk pizzahut/dominos was okay
for being 5000mi from home
monkeyisl: best pizza is new york style from non chain pizza places
sounds like a radar detector
not sure what you mean by original
`nico: dominos in sk has mad options
well even if its a chain, theres usually just a handful of them in this city
like i think there are a bunch of grecos
and more than on micheals
its the kind of places that will have diff names on their sign, their menu, and in the phone book

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what pizza

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on the wrong wheel tho =(
`nico: i know, still wrong wheel
wd40 strips oil
i dunno that big grey circle sticker screams lift me and and put 3 drops of oil
but possibly this is just how they kept the fan from buzzing against the outer chassis

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and when i asked they said the roads in the country are all crappy
yes, both bridges
haha you race on the highways to the airport?
yeah that totally makes sense
or that tunnel but you prob get insane fines
like on the way to bupyeong
hey can you still buy that gen golf in sk?
vw still sells them in some markets
but i think that prob means south america =\
least you have a brake

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`nico: are you riding as a fixie or as a sane bike?
what is that in mph
you live in sk?
i thought all your roads sucked for going fast
they def did in incheon

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logitech df pro ftw
and sim racing with a controller is weak sauce
well whatever im telling you that the df pro is awesome and you must have gotten ripped off
well except for eventually the springs on the shifter wear out
and itll recoil shift
tho possibly that is just a convienient excuse for my bumping the shifter when i let go
monkeyisl: /j #simracing
#cars has had a vintage racing league for like 3 or 4 years
rfactor, league is about 30 people showing up consistent in two classes
also they do other types of leagues during the week
snes mariokart ftw

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you are channeling parallel universe steam punks
be technologists

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you gotta get a BOV so your ps3 is all PSHHH when you shift
why did the president get kidnapped by ninjas?

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