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save money by creating work

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gross misuse of toroid
hackman: stfu

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you guys are on the tsunami side of the san adreas, no?
does that shit go that far...
o wtf
i guess you guys have other problems
no i thought it was the same fault
but looks like you are two megafaults away

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same stuff smaller company
we has a jp office =\

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tekrad: pretty sure you can just square wave them at any freq to get a tone out
not with like constant amplitude out tho
i dunno if pwm is the best term for it
haha, burst it with the resonant freq, the bursts being at your output freq
sounds like exboss is happy at newjob

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hmm and thats 4x gain
well hes wrong
its +1
whatever the divider is
you cant drop non inverting below Av=1
that wont pickup slow change at all
okay time to be late to work
yeah but i think this is for a sensor so it needs dc gain
least thats what i thought before, if its signal streams than whatevers

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ok guys i think cat is okay
hes 13 and is missing a kidney and has a funny shaped other kidney and a heart murmur
nice, nicos circuit is single supply audio classic

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but its free and it works!
wtf @ cut=delete!

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put the color bands

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wow how long did you guys take the 1927 thing?
also it was prob made from tubes so it might have been high impedance anyway =D
its funny how an inverting amp is a non inverting amp with a moving ground and stationary Vin+
ur not stupid so much as lazy
i may be lazier but i have an excuse

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because the Vin+ doesnt load up the divider
unless youre using an opamp from 1927

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timecop_: we already saw that png, we already told you it was simpler
thats prob the easier one
the opamps ground ref is high z
hmm i would think 4 resistors if you wanted level shift
but okay!
you already have the vref
and i guess you dont want level shift
you dont need an opamp pro you need opamp 1st grader
well right
then thats two more resistors
to create the vref/2 bias
why not
the vref?
tell crackhead the opamp input is hiz because we not doing it his way
the second opamp is for a vgnd, most likely, which isnt needed for the inverting setup

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