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then you dont have to do your processing upside down

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09:31 < timecop_> nico circuit will fail at DC levels
two people told you this yesterday
because its an AC coupled circuit
timecop_: do an inverting amp with the reference offset to do shifting
i know it hasnt just been me telling you this
anyway you should have just paid me the $100 for the LTspice simulated circuit like a month ago
timecop_: alternatively you can use the 4th opamp to do a lifted virtual ground and do your level shift like that with non inverting amps

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prob ban you just to make sure you dont lose your job

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macegr: ya fuck that
santa monica is MORE expensive, and after OT i make WAY more than that

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gettin high
whatevers i has werq
but tomorrow is chili and beer party at work
like homebrew beerwat
thats two sentences

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