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haha awesome

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sculptor: =O
theres like a huge puddle in some cavity inside the machine
ac-130u: i would get parallels
and a fixture set
fuck im late
some shit like that
you prob want higher quality
and you want to make sure you get a set that fits your table well
thats step blocks and clamps and t-nuts and slot cleaner, lots of basic stuff
those sets are pretty common
yeah enco is awesome
decent vise and parallels will work for a lot of situations
anyway gotta go

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vises, toggle clamps, maybe some scrap aluminum to make fixtures from
yeah get tapped ones
youll need edge finders
maybe a sine blocks, prob want a machinists square
and yeah cutting fluid
mineral oil works okay
i really like the water soluble lube
havent had any corrosion issues and i def dont clean up my machine like i should
that tapmagic and similar shit worksa good but smells kinda sick
like spoiling fat sometimes, works well tho
mostly just buy stuff as you need it
unless you want to drop like $1000+ on tooling at once
ha sucks
you just see a puddle or what?

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ac-130u: cutters, setup tooling, fixtures, maybe colletes, way lube
123 blocks, parallels, t-nuts, step blocks and step clamps
nuts and bolts to make it work

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or hot air, i thought it was long
or a panavise
or just chop out that section of pcb and dip is solder pot
or use hot air on both sides at once, blowing from the pcb edge
tekrad: yeah small connectors its doable

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tekrad: haha
tear off the housing
remove pins one at a time
the connector or the pcb?
have fun trying to get all the pins hot enough without melting the housing, pulling up traces, or burning the PCB
tekrad: how long is it?
an inch you can maybe just do it with two irons

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wtf does that mean
and ive never used that low-Z auto-AC/DC mode

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can get a new fluke for maybe $120
and they always have a model without the current modes, will be like $20 cheaper
okay as a 2nd meter
i got kidnapped after beer/chili party at work

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the quill is like section of the spindle assembly that will move up and down
or its the big lever that moves that part of the spindle up and down, like a drill press
you can adjust Z either way
could be either or both, i guess

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13:06 <@Rab> spdr, doesn't look terrible for a no-name Chinese meter.
raccoon`: uni-t isnt no name!
easily as respectable as mean well
er rab ^
the knee is like, the part of the base that the table mounts on, which has a big crank to raise and lower the table

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