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04:47 < Lope> i need a device that can output a sine wave, frequency specified by a PC
DDS wavetable synth
signal gen software seems wonky
cheap shit at least

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urmom is purple

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buy that
turn that shit off now
you will test the leds one by one later
how many LED
what color
what supply voltage

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i did similar
with u channel tho, and about 3x the density
yeah i wouldnt trust glue
i did machine screws and nuts, fiber washers
macegr: appears to be in series
you need to show us a schematic
but yes most likely it is going to burn up
just from the information you have presented us
buy a buck puck
were used to it
but they may freak out and make you cry

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i was going to call it nub
rab: do they have medical weeds in tx yet?
make it happen
terminator said up to an oz is just an infraction

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thats neat
ive seen them stamped with kinks at the end
to grab pcbbut not like that

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haha i think i might have been hosting it
or dx
most of the explanations are so in depth it blows newbs away
we will most likely neglect the fuck out of it

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hey guys didnt we have a wiki
what happened to it

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only her mother is the problem because the mother controls the dads life too
wtf wat
you need restraining orders?
do you have a kid?
you do dont you?
well stfu and be a dad

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no like if i am there
where do you keep the big sound systems and the jungle djs and whatevers

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well i didnt i was clicking on dnb tracks
monkeyisl how come sk doesnt have drum n bass
or are you guys still like taking over warehouses and parking lots
it seems like you guys are probably using all your warehouses and parking lots

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thats not a full datasheet and unless theyre matched emitters meant to be run in parallel i dont see the point

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link to example or it doesnt exist

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prob block of Al
monkeyisl: lies
so they prob run at lower current
and the thing prob runs at like 75C at 25C ambient
you get higher efficiency running more elements at lower current and lower temps
just costs more

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about what part?

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i need veggies and frozen lazy food
dont they have some R bin now thats more mega?
yeah but how much $$$
its prob like $80
because i dont want my life to be going to fedex everyday

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who am i helping
this is just for LEDs?
how many are you making?
buy schottky diodes
hi wat
its cold outside i dont want to go there
but i am low on foods

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use a schottky
or a fuse + reverse bias parallel diode
sometimes you can be a ninja and use a diode bridge
thenit doesnt matter which way they plug in
no i says sometimes its okay to use a diode bridge
but sometimes itll do stupid things to your grounds

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because the input current may not have come out of it
yellow line
yellow dots
you need to use more words
all devices in series have the same current

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