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apache helicopters = crowd dispersed
if you overthrow politics, you are left with the people who are really running shit
the mil
and you dont want to fuck with them
actually youre canadians
you havent taken your gov and society back because your pussy, i guess
your mil is like 30 people and a jet?

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okay see that will never happen
because the liars make the laws
and if you dont lie you wont get shit done because no one will work with you
lobbyists are obviously bad things, but theyre not going away
theyll just kill you

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because capitalism

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had to...

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throwing missiles
wtf is a missile a fucking rock?
fuck yeah see the brits can get down
when they decide to do something they dont fuck around
this is good tho we always copy the brits after a few years

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k im listen to a 30min gobama speech
then im prob gonna talk some shit

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monkeyisl: mitutoyo

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`nico: nice
pcba fail
also my kitchen is almost clean
my papershredder did thermal shutdown =O
prob smells nasty
also must suck ass in the summertime

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outlet should do 10A sustained forever

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