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blackmoon: maybe want one
well, i do want one but tryin not to spend money
like, i was feeling like i should have more money than i do...
than irs said they want last years tax return back
+ interest
i wouldnt even give him your email
just send without ret addy
youre not helping your case

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blackmoon: you are selling them for $20/ea?

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this peach nicotine juice tastes like bananas

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and i just dont see him going that nuts on a rotary table i dont think he has just to get radius corners
blackmoon: woah the bottom right one is super neat

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rab: thats the mg chems tinning chem?
looks like it
the 3 on the right are win
rab: i dont think so he doesnt have a cnc machine

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scca ate most of the FB rx7 here =(
blackmoon: neat
i dont think so?
rab: this is the i meter you linked schematic to couple nights ago?
neat layout btw

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then you dont need resistors at all so that isnt really relevent
you wouldnt put strings in parallel after a current reg anyway
(i dont care if they show that shit in datasheets for current regs)

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avrphreaq: leaving for a few weeks doesnt erase everything youve said to anyone
eh fuck balance resistors just use two resistors
balance resistors dont mean equal they just mean more equal
most equal would be just splitting up the main resistor
anyway stop putting sets of series LEDs in parallel
unless you want your coworkers to know for sure you suck at electronics

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oh shit its the freak
jezus fuck
someone op me
inittab: op
not for that i dont care about that
that just sounds wrong
who says shes a vip
vip to who
haha shes a supermodel so no prob not everyone
just the people exploiting her
i dont know i have work gotta go

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