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actually maybe it doesnt even do that its maybe worse sample and hold ever

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because i cant think of any decent jokes about owning 43 dogs right now
i dont know what youre doing
and if you setup the gate drive wrong and your buffer doesnt have source impedance, you could burn shit
like you might dead short your supply when you change state the input\
well duh thats why timecop_
with just a single switch inverter, you would be able to generate a quick rise through that 0.1uF
but then you cant suck the charge out
so you dont get a pulse you get like a saw

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you put a fucking transistor and two resistors so it doesnt die
because it can sink and source
say you have a capacitive load, with a single transistor you can fill the cap but you cant dump it
say driving a cable, you might be able to slew one way quickly
the other way you basically just have to wait for the capacitance to dump out through some load resistance
yeah basically
open collector/drain and similar, you can basically drive a local pullup resistor
inittab you might want to get tested

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its dubstep i normally cant 95% of it =)
*cant stand
yes mostly, but kids are into it
and its still the mosh pits falling over break dancers crowd
timecop_: its an inverting buffer
fet [air can be an inverting buffer
then it can only sink or source

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real shit
timecop_: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HNRWGRgu70Y&t=40s
not at all

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super bouncy uncalibrated shiftbrite VU needs peak hold

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groups can fail
i should take my stk500 to newjob maybe ill use it
macegr: did i ever show you VU meter with peak hold?

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and yeah when i get too deep into coding schedulers, ill eventually decide to simplify shit
because the amount of checks and setting of flags in all the code gets frustrating, but its neat to see it working when it does

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like, there are conditions where it can trip over itself or get hung up if high priority shit gets hammered
but thats pretty much how rtc shit works
i kind of want to at some point
like when i do dsp shit
i have to make friends with the softies at work heh
haha right now i seem to be mostly developing the DFM skills, i havent much in the last year
*havent coded much

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im handling multiple shit based on events and timed triggers
yeah that basically happens you choose what to run first
and what isnt in the timer interrupt, and that dictates what gets handled as a priority, what gets dropped when things go over time
mainloop is just there for low priority whatever shit
its basically lowest priority because thats what gets preempted when a timered interupts overlaps itself
the timered loop will just retrigger unless you disable its interrupt

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yeah duh getting realtime on a pc is kinda drama
windows sucks at it, lunix doesnt just do it out of the box
yeah i have one like 3ft from me
and besides the cnc controller, i ran realtime just to fuck around with JACK audio server
not really a preference but thats what emc is developed and released on
well you basically test for latency
and setup the software to run without you jitter results
itll throw errors if its missing beats
`nico: i habitually code in a timered mainloop
and kinda break things up into tasks and run accordsingly, so most shit i run is realtime
the way the avr and sam7 handle interrupts, like you basically check for idle/mainloop times and when youre using 100% of your time, youve dropped out of RT

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he needs:
depends a ton on the platform
embedded system programming could be doing control on an 8b micro
could be higher level coding through a hardware abstraction layer on whats basically a 32b computer
what doesnt need realtime response? =\
8b micros are prob split, but most 16b and above stuff with more mem is done in C
i know im saying what would you want to do thats not realtime =\
eh f GUI

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