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i can tell from the pixels...
no srs that cant be real they wrote the text, then found another phone to take a pic of it fuck that

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inittab: omg stove

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still not a great way to make friends
ferrari wouldnt give them a production car anyway

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so before they talk shit about range and charging
they seem to like it
but yeah sueing topgear not a great way to make friends
and yeah this was on jalapnic like a year ago

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theyre doing the batteries or what
ive seen them i think its insanity but whatever

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1.0 lateral g
0-60 in 3.7s
so yeah thats pretty exotic, if it did that for 30 miles, and caught fire doing it, i still see a market for it
its 2600 lbs
w/ 1000lbs of batteries
35/65% that kinda sucks

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right but that doesnt make tesla a piece of shit
no one gives a shit about the leaf
leaf wont do 0 -60 in under 4 seconds
you realize that qualifies it as exotic, indisputably
yeah so what
well, do you mean the engine?
im not saying i would buy one
but claiming its copy pasta
saying its not exotic quality
like, most exotic shit is crappy except for going fast and looking shiny
oh yeah and because a headlight caught on fire
whatever it could catch on fire completely
its a spots car, rock n roll

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but a mini is a toy econobox compared to an elise
when you release a mid engine sports cars, youre basically saying 'THIS CAR IS INCONVENIENT AND ECCENTRIC'
its a california startup exotic performance electric
its what cars is about
nico do you know how many awesome cars are made by companies that fail?
will it do that?
itll do 50mi of insane?
okay im going to find performance numbers
someone else tell me if they were partners with lotus
or stole their CAD files
0 to 60 mph 3.9 seconds 3.7 seconds
nico, its exotic
its more than an elise
no lateral g spec

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okay well that doesnt even exist does it
obviously nico
there has to be a first
one car
so yeah thats what im saying
two cars
i dont think so my friend would be nutting over it
so anyway, how long has the tesla been in development
how long have these cars been in the works
maybe 3
the tesla is something people will get passionate about
thats what sells shit
also electric is more expensive than gas
so its expensive an inconvenient
no here
even with tax credits supposedly its more
`nico: no i dont think theyre going to make money off it
but you need to make cars people are into
to sell the tech
like a mini electric will kinda do that

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and lotus is willing to help you by letting you use the elise
youre fucking blessed
if the car isnt perfect, well ya guess what its the first
exotic cars all suck
its like how you know its exotic its uncompromised but still luxury
okay but it looked like the topgear guys liked it, aside from the fact that it was inconvenient
and i think it may have broke on them
macegr: an elise would be more fun
youre complaining a small company exotic
has headlights that catch fire
okay electric cars are neat
we want them
im assuming we all share this feeling
so theres needs to be cars that people are passionate about
or they wont happen
you would pay $30k for electric sport?
fuck isnt an elise like $50k...

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theres nothing that can outdo the elise for minimal mid engine chassis
if lotus doesnt have an issue with it i dont
if they do have a prob with it, i still thing thats a badass way to prototype it
they redefined it
also im pretty sure the elise was unibody
why is it shitty
anyway if you change the body on an alise you change the entire chassis
so its not a direct copy
also thats just how car industry works
theres always been a lot of collaboration between companies
macegr: did they get the files from lotus?
`nico: so what
lots of people who design cool shit are assholes
these are geeks
if youre going to build a lightweight mid engine car

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its like the 456gt
theyre doing that now?
god that was years ago
and did you see why?
topgear kinda edited that one kinda dramatically
how did they rip off the lotus
they used the lotus chassis, no?
they gave cred to lotus
and it was the best choice for the platform
youre going to add 1000lb of batteries, why not use the best lightweight chassis on the road?
was it licensed
its known
and its a good decision
you design a car
well how do you do it right
seriously its the best thing they could have done

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i dont like dealing with meat that actually looks like animals
like i love chicken breast
but i hate it with bones
like omg rib cage
see yeah fuck that im from a city place
meat comes in little packages
from the store
not from some animals you just murdered
the goal is to make yourself less efficient
fat = efficient
space church wtf

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its prob all the same stuff, they just swapped the soy and random meat
we put corn in *everything*
i dont drink soda and i try not to buy so much sugary stuff
so i prob have way less corn footprint than most americans
drink ice tea
without sugar
but yeah i drink a lot of water after i drink a few beers when i go out
i never feel fucked up waking up
i think its just dehydration
but now im into it ill pound water all day
plus few coffees in the morning
fuck diet
artificial sweeteners taste like chemical death
that shit does not taste like sugar
or even sweet
haha yeah super carbonated water was pretty neat
`nico: might be up in the bay area in the next few weeks again
inittab: if i knew where the meat came from id prob be okay with it
well, kinda
because then i might know the cow that im eating

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i eat way less meat now
i dont have meat at home usually
ill eat it when i go out, just because theres not a lot to eat without meat at most places
you get like, one options
or like 20 diff awesome meat things
but yeah when i eat a ton of meat now ill feel sickish, slow
and then oddly ill be hungry again after a few hours
not even that long
i drink way more water too
i dont want matrix cows
also i really like a lot of fake meat stuff
some of it doesnt taste awesome, but it rarely tastes bad
some of it tastes the same or it just tastes good
like the meatless meatballs are tastey
but you can taste the wheat, its like breadmeat, i dig it
and shit like sausage, hot dogs, its barely meat anyway

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but i like food
oh totally
but itll also randomly kill you
worker didnt maintain the machine right
didnt know youre not supposed to use the industrial lube in that part
did torque a bolt down to spec
now youre automated machine is dripping slightly toxic lubricants into the food
or poppin washers off
i typically buy stuff without tons of preservatives, get organic stuff if its resonably priced
its usually not that much more money, if at all, you just have to read labels
but like, a lot of the reason i do that is because im pretty sure alot of that stuff is produced in smaller volumes
which usually works out to higher quality

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dude its vending machine meat loaf
even if everything else wasnt fucked up...
id just be afraid of it because its vending machine meat loaf
yeah im afraid of tv dinner food
mostly im just afraid of food
this is what i have taken from my manufacturing and slightly big company experiences =\
like, the dozens or hundreds of people involved in getting the food to you, it just takes one person to hate his job that day to get something fucked up
if everything else is okay, which it prob isnt
and like, lots of people seem to hate their jobs

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what else would it be
i still wouldnt be into the meatloaf
should be like, frozen
yeah i dont trust a vending machine to keep stuff frozen
i have a thermometer in my freezer
and my freezer isnt abused by dozens of people
doesnt need to be maintained by some close to minimum wage restocker

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thats not so close
ya wtf

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so its the same wave out of phase
i think its a trick
but 180 out of phase is no amplitude and 0/360 is double
so my uneducated guess says 90 degrees
but the wave will prob look all fucked up

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their amplitude is whatever it ads up to at any given time
like maybe you mean average amplitude?
you mean at any given point assuming they started at the same time with the same polarity?
because thats kinda what your crazy math looks like

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i have a chem/elec extinguisher for the cnc
its only 18oz and i dont remember where it came from =\
but its full

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my rule is just kill them if they freak out

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hmm no not the gambling town
just the fucked up dirt poor gangster town
yeah the den
id usually do all the quests and then level the town
piss off each of the gang leaders then steal all the guns and ammo
the vegas one could suck
if you were in the wrong place when all the bouncers woke up
dont sleep with that girl!
or maybe dont kill her after, i dont remember, just being upstairs in that room and trying to fight your way out with a mid level character was hard =(
yeah me too
i think i stole something and she noticed

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yeah but there was some sort of like, moral decision issue involved
but it was like, okay my char has done this to this point, okay im doing this
cue lego cutscene ending (thousands of possible endings!)
like what no thats like 30 ending scenes cludged into one ending
made me feel like i was just wandering around vegas setting bits in some cut scene flag variables
er washington
blackmoon: haha
yeah because if bethesda could figure out every possible way to finish each quest
obviously they made the game wrong
thats pretty fallout, too!
constantly hitting save state to a new file before EVERY interaction
jezus fuck i prob put a billion hours into that game
stimpacks was funny
yeah that gambling town was fucked up once i realized the kids were jacking me
you cant just kill them like pretty much everyone else in that town

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thats how fo3 was for me

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oh i guess epic meal time came first
HAHA their crock pot goes to 11

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this is like spoof of swedish death metal cooking?

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youre polish?
you prob should have never told us
how many poles does it take to do anything?!
probably a lot because in jokes they are always stupid!
because i guess all jokes come from germany

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not really
buddhism is more like self help than religion
theres enough myth/spirutalism type stuff to fill a book shop, but you could go on forever writing aout the mechanics of it
because <3
this is your boss?
i dont think you should have to stay on the phone while your boss buys underwear, because </3
which is why its exotic

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i totally agree with the 244 bad votes this is boring
you need better communication with your boner

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hahah @ latex boob baloons
what you dont get natural peanut butter?
you gotta stir it all up, thats how it would be if you just dumped it out

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its for the mommy
because society says they like that shit
you dont burn nice candles
you put them on shelves, so you can bitch at children when they touch them
at my grandmas house it was little porcelain clowns
second pic is pretty good
yeah first pic i was like, did they dump the honey out to show how thick it is?

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like he could be eskimo but its pretty much the same thing
well then hes a really light one
hes had pics with his hands posted in chan
ive never seen a yellow person in my life
prob means common alaskan redneck, rly
but its more fun to call him eskimo/asian
just cats
because hes from alaskan and he speaks asian
mongolians might
omfg you are new
moon watches anime
tc like, lived anime
well his dick is prob bigger than his wifes
most certainly

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potato tacos ftw
we have detailed files

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well no in that sense its be XXXXXXXXXXXXL
but i meant cost
not really
well sometimes the XXL is more than XL

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i would totally take the kobayashi, porch chop express, and paper street soap company ones
damn $27
thats like 6 of my normal shirts

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haha @ abe frowman
'you're abe froman?'
'yes i'm abe froman'
'the sausage king of chicago?'
funniest shit ever.

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haha these are cool!

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youre expected to help more unfortunate people because you are more fortunate
but youve been fooled into thinking its a race thing
and now the really rich people are taking advantage of all of us
nice going, white people
wtf is a quid

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god and then he got a job on mtv
and his annoying ass was being an idiot all the time
it went 5x platinum
the 2nd album went platinum
and hes done some movie/tv/mixtape shit

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dx^: saw him maybe a month ago?

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yeah for like a 24" pipe

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oh damn dx up in it fureal
itd prob take you $200k in tools
yeah i figured it was huge

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yeah the about just says 4.0
damn they made such a big deal out of releasing they could have changed the default install directory name
this intro to ff4 vid framedropped a bunch at the beginning
the box kinda kills it

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still have 3, will dl 4, sec
wait its installing beta 11
why is it beta isnt it real yet

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girls are fucked up, but everyones fucked up
fuck man
i want my little a/c with the timer back
oh like that solidworks thing
new chrome, dunno about ff
its all ive used for months
i miss some of the plugins

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hell get that money back eventually
girlfriend is just a black hole
no moon but itll get you a job and mad money
which will maybe get you BJs
honestly i think i got more pussy when i had no money
junkie = extra points
uh, okay ill argue with that one because men can be pretty fucking retarded
pretty consistently
and we run the fuycking world
girls are smart
but they have not so much decision making power
like, overall
being a tech in an engineering lab, i can relate
i would argue with that too
they understand emotions better
but guys will usually do the previoussly mentioned RETARDED shit because of emotions
girls will get angry over guys not understanding emotional issues

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dx^: MFKR!
nothing, being unproductive
hows making tubes?
how do you not have more saved up!?
makes me feel a lot better about my situation, tho...
i owe the gov like $6k =( =( =(
he got a GATech degree for $64k

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manufacturing audio is a health issue
but im saying anything that can catch fire or crash into shit involves human life
youre basically weighing human life versus profit
in that sense, gov should run everything
that is true
what about food
what about psychological health needs
well yeah basically
im pretty sure it was to prevent bullshit credit based economies from happening, too
fucked that up...
we turned feudalism into a global thing with internation corp amnd stock market based capitalism
its not a US system

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wont happen
but anyway, back to the original point
teachers dont get paid enough
they do more schooling than engineers, and their job is more important
so they should get paid as much
if you think differently, youre wrong
okay i need to go be productive
maximum profit just means fucking people as much as they will accept it
in any industry
since most private health industry is public corp, theyre required by law to fuck people over as much as will be accepted
or their stock holders can sue them
but its the same for any industry, manufacturing cars is a health issue

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gov and organized crime been to tied up for way too long
rab: i dunno man, here its kind of a diff set of people
they might do business, but theres like a seperation of culture
mexico its like, literally the same peoples, gov is way more local then the US
like, LA gangs and LAPD arent the same people
LAPD is easily the most powerful and fucked up gang, but its not the same culture
rab: you hear it from pretty much everyone that lives here =)

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they need to just legalize drugs
all of them
and honestly im not that down with legalizing meth or even coke
protection costs, no?
yeah but it all came from the culture that was basically put in place by the drug war
gov almost doesnt exist
well, like it does, but its not doing gov shit
marcecko: legalization prob make it worse in the short term =\
because mafia protection bullshit is prob all they will have left
and then wars over the little market thats left
but its stupid how it is now
pay money to try and stop the drugs
then pay more money to try and stop all the crime from the drugs
your gov?
i dont even know if they could
like how shit is now

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they have a really nice front lawn
never been on the actual campus
well, right down to PCH
its a few blocks from the beach right there
theres like a supermarket inbetween =)
my bro lives a block away
so like i see the pepperdine lawn everytime i visit
older half bro, 13 years diff
ac-130u: yeah last 5 years you pretty much just hear about how its dead, or horrible stories you hope are urban myth
marcecko: inorite

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judeo-xtian religions are fucked
i need to figure out why mastercam didnt want to install
when i went there, we hung out at some country club almost every day
like, the nice neighborhoods still smelled like sewage
this was like almost 20 years ago tho
el paso is prob pretty weird now
its pretty much the same city
not into strip bars so much
well at all really if im not there because friends are
haha last time i went some chick from pepperdine said she was gonna have her mafia father put a hit on me
because i asked her drunk puking friend if she was okay
she said sorry later haha

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maybe .00006%, but that seems too awesome
i havent designed anything since the proto cludge board i showed you
but i use it daily for referencing schematics and PCB
im prob going to install it, i got a juarez copy running on my friends pc yesterday
basically =)
ive been there, weird place
have a cousin who lives there, or lived there
tj is fucked
its a ghost town now
revolution blvd is dead
people dont go there
the twisted culture that was kinda removed from the tourist shit has taken over
its not someplace to pary anymore
i dont even really want to go to encenada because you have to go through tj
its a dark place, it always has been
it was like 5% tourist bars and the rest was poverty and desperation

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and like, why would you expect someone to know it if theyre not from an industrial electronics background
and if they knew enough, why would it matter, you could teach them in 20 seconds
1/1.414 is rms
or 1/.707 is peak
and *.707 is rms
whatever i see true sines all the times
.001% THD sine is pretty fucking true to me
well yeah
who cares about that shit?
you said true sines dont exist
in that sence almost nothing true in physics exists
nothing can measure that AC
and you can hear it aproaching 1%
.1% is typically inaudible
and its a valid goal to try for very low THD
not because people can hear the diff, because it adds up
and audio tends to be run in chains
i think the APs only test to like .0006%

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again, the gear and the opportunity was likely there
some people use it, some people dont
me electronics tech program was awesome
but theres shit that wasnt perfect and i know people didnt get much from it
but to think i could learn the same on my own is straight retarded
ya duh
schools can teach that
sports can teach that
parents can teach that
tv can teach that
seriously you can pick that shit up from anywhere, everything is a factor
trying to find a root cause is dumb, its diff for everyone
14:15 <@kevtris> I dunno if it's innate or part of how you are raised. though it's most likely a bit of both
its obviously both
to varying degrees in diff people
its obvious
everything factors into everything
some things matter more sometimes
thats just all of life

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which is the point of going to school, to learn how real shit works
and not true in my case =)
tho a lot of BSEE will get through school without those skills
well thats tech work
pretty retarded to hire engineers to do tech work
what planet are you from?
theres two types of EE
ones that can do tech work, and ones that cant
kevtris: thats what manufacturing engineers are for
again, sounds like your boss sucks at hiring people =)
those guys prob would have been great at documentation
i know engineers who design shit and then bring up the initial prototypes
who can get down on a bench
its the same shit with techs
some techs can do design work
some cant
how is it impossible to hire people?
you give a test, you ask questions
if you wanted them primarily for soldering, which seems silly given how much they were prob paid
you should have had them solder at the interview
so then dont bitch

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you can learn on your own, but you get a huge boost from experienced people who can teach
or you can pay like three times that on gear
have about 1/10 the gear
and not learn nearly as much
and than have to deal with the burden of maintaining and moving machine tools
kevtris: youre exceptional
not everyone is capable of the same performance
not accepting that is narrow minded
blackmoon: heh, my instructors had been doing aerospace CNC since punch cards
knocking experience is silly
experience isnt everything, but its no meaningless
well thats a shitty teacher
741 is perfect to learn on
because it has obvious limitations you have to deal with
yeah exactly blackmoon

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also curriculum will be way diff in diff areas
`nico: yeah and now look were we are, sociopolitically, in terms of the rest of the world
haha @ closed for lack of students
trust that isnt a problem here
kevtris: but theyre prob brainwashed extremists
who dont believe in science
well thats the point
school is supposed to give you the basic tools to go out and learn more
you learned way more from school than you realize
ac-130u: yeah well i went to school and learned it for $13 a unit
on HAAS CNC and bridgeports mills and le blonde engine lathes
and had access to a bunch of experienced machinists and manufacturing engineers

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anyway, teachers should be paid as much as engineers at least
high school was retarded in the 90s
and schools dont teach common sense really, individuals do
you need a BA and then teachers credentials
knowing that you wont be paid shit
so a lot of talented people just wont do it
ac-130u: they dont really teach politics or history in school
dude i went to school in the 90s
they dont teach history in any sort of real sense
its like bullet points
without mentioning the fucked realities
and politics, they just cover like, american political heirarchy
they dont present the problems, alternatives, they just say how its supposed to work
like thats how it works

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thats not very much money
dude its the most important job in our society
by far
$43K aint shit here
doctors make like 3-4 times what a teacher makes?
and doctors are pretty stupid, honestly
like, theyre just fucking people
average doctor doesnt know a ton
seriously its the most important job in our society
and were fucking them
theres just one?
no its the schools too
kevtris: curriculum sucks, funbding isnt there, standardized tests have taken over for real coursework
religous fuckheads feel like they should be taught alongside everything

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kids are dishonest, stupid, easily influenced
they are the definition of people i dont want to be around
the kids prob didnt know wtf was going on
and just knew that telling their parents and psych workers this shit made the parents and psych workers look happier
hey my moms a teachers aid
anyway, you dont pay teachers enough
so they need unions
simple as that
pub school teachers make less than me in a lot of cases
dude its fark

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i think they stopped making the roadster
or were planning to, and switching to some sedan
i seen a bunch
saw one pulled over by a cop a few weeks ago
kevtris: roaster has been available, they prob sold them all at considerable markup, and its basically old news now
if they lost money it was on development, not the product
and thats normal for startup shit
especially considering its a tiny fucking company competing with megacorps
urmom is the pope
boy scouts are still around

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I do have some University science degree qualifications
"I dont have a degree'
zoom unavailable!
because that shit looks like electric tape
thats why they had to put it in a lotus elise
pretty sure im past $1K

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teknique: is my point, you either buy something or use expensive high precision parts
if that shit has to be perfect youre prob better off doing it in a dsp
first few google hits for 'high q unity gain bpf' are salen key filters
so youre going to need a train of them for high q
so youre going to have to use fuckd up expensive parts
marcecko: i think the plc for blinking lights problem?

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single frequency is kind of subjective
and a bandpass is basically an overlapping HPF and LPF
even with all 1% parts its prob hard to get things perfect so your output is unity

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