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no other vectors will get handled
main loop is lowest priority, code everything in a timered interrupt
you have to re-enable global interrupt
during the interrupt
but youre asking for drama
yes thats one of the thing that happens on interrupt entry
and i think you push an addy onto the stack
so if you nest interrupts and it runs away you prob overwrote your sram

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zeeshan is canadian?
lordco is a real place?
i dunno if the name is unfortunate or awesome
the order of the ints in the interrupt table determines priority
but it rarely matters
yeah but if ints stack up
itll handle them when ints are re-enabled according to the order in the vector table
like if youre handling of the first vector takes a long time
and the 2nd vector always fires during the first
and then the first vector fires during the second

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someone asked if they went to the airport tp fly southwest, and was told it was a 737, would they fly?
southwest only runs 737
they had to inspect them all for cracks because part of the roof ripped off one

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w t f
10:13 < cheater> blackmoon: she also likes to drink soda from the bottle
does she also like to walk on floors with feet?
heh those tslots are like 3" wide

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im smiling at that

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for like two weeks, if i laughed or sneezed or cough, i would fall onto the floor crying
which was funny so itd make me laugh more so id be all wiggling around on the ground like laughing and crying
good times

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use aluminum
so i use to put my legs up on the forks
like while honding on to the handlebars
so on time i dunno im prob smoking a joint or talking on the phone or who knows and i put me feet on the fork
im not holding onto the handlebars
so now there is no bike anymore and im flying
and im like OH NO MY THINKPAD in my backpack, right, so i put my arms back instead of forward
and bounce off my ribcage and roll like around my backpack
thinkpad okay, think i broke a rib
naw i never even saw a dr they cant do shit for that

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like downtown and in hollywood theres like little fixie gangs
in neon colors
aluminum 24" or 26" bmx is pretty light
its the same shit + freewheel
with a real brake
gears are mechanically retarded
but freewheel is awesome tech
just use the brake if you want to go slower
fuck yeah i can 3d toolpath
im so glad standalone mcam didnt install
mcamx5 plugin for sw
oh convert the bridgeport?
build your wat
that would be neat if i had the space

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they lock the rears with their legs
besides hopping off shit
single speed, rear brake pls
so many kids are riding them

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he seemed annoyed i didnt hit him up last time i was up there, i was like WHAT I WORK
man fuck them they are just a suburb of LA
we dont even call LA the city because its too cool to call it LA
downtown is where we keep some of the music venues and the hipsters
im considering getting some loft space there
they got some cool art shit pretty regular, too
dude i ride on sidewalks and jump off curbs all the time
hopping on a fixie is kneedeath
buddy says he has a couple fixie riding friends like, cant jog anymore

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just avoid the stackups
or make it sloppy =)
if its referencing parts on a PCB, get get things to tight youll have to assembly everything on fixtures
oh prob last week of this month
and im going to try and work it out to i leave after the weekend
can prob stay with a junglist in SF

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so this is awesome all the problems i had with machining 3d solids went away
why is that hard
SLA or FDM or what
tekrad: what do you mean modification?
like crashes?
no mcam generates pretty vanilla code
my machine just ignores all the spindle stuff
naw dont worry my work never does =D
=( =( =(
`nico: does the design already exist or what

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holyshit my solidworks has been reborn ultra
no i never have issues installing sw
like, mcam is running inside the sw
none of this exporting solidworks and getting mcam to see them right
wait to run on a proto machine
or like, youre going to design a proto machine
(haha CNC glue gun)

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fuck yeah it worked
man that was drama

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how big is this shit
that does not seem small

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my mom put small computer and soap
right after someone tried to blow up that plane from yemen or whatever with a small computer
or printer cart or whatever
shit took like two weeks to get through customs

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`nico: trying mcamx for solidworks
well hopefully unless the pirats failed
meh fuckit ive accepted that aids happens
reinstalls are good for you
ive thought about cad/cam in vmware but that just seems like sadness
how often do you use solidworks
yeah thats 2d tho
and basically sucks native
pcb cad is usually pretty light on the cad and heavy on the eccentricity
thats not cad thats pure insanity

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haha @ driving through nk for a car wash

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23:32 <@BlackMoon> I bet you'll find that 3/8" SHCS will fit through 0.373 holes too
almost nothing is 100% thread

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usually theure .0005
well, .0005 is common
also there is a bit of error because of the radius, but it doesnt matter for relative measurements
zeeshan_: get one from use-enco.com
those mag base linear indicators are super useful on manual machines
if you dont have a DRO

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4 jaw is some hacker shit

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