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wtf @ TI buying natsemi
this is like, everyone awesome from one place

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ground happens in circuits
3rd pin should be earth tied
monkeyisl: there is likely a voltage drop between them
because of the current return on neutral
earth should be dead
youre meter is either seeing this as a high impedance
or youre overvoltaging the current measurement circuit
and the meter is doing whatever it does in WTF mode
some will flash the voltage
and make a WTF beep
haha some will say beg resistance

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well you want a small chip load
because it looks good
and you dont want to feed so fast
because the machine might overshoot or vibrate or whatever, throw off your finish dimensions
heh earth and neutral are tied
dont go to slow on the feed
because if your loiter the work will heat up
and youll cut more than spec
no earth and neutral are supposed to be tied at the power distro point

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i have a calc that displays SFM vs spindle speeds (i have 6 way pulley) based on tool diamater and chip load per tooth
oh it gives you feed rate too
zeeshan_: tons of speeds will 'work'
but you go too fast and itll burn the tool up
maybe work harden the material
and knowing chip load is important because you want to feed as fast as is sane
because more cuts = tool wear
aluminum chips will turn blue-white when youre going to fast
zeeshan_: finishing is diff
finishing is light loading, so you go mad fast and feed slow

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yes jezus fuck timecop how do you not know what a diode is at digikey
thats just normal .7V diode
make an excel calc for it

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we dont know monkeyisl
because youre not giving us a real datasheet
youre giving us some pussy mechanical drawing
and now were all angry
yeah you better
itll cut but the tool wont last
thats like when twingy used to grind his aluminum
instead of machine it
3/8" EM at 10K rpm at like 1IPM
zeeshan_: i dont really think that works with centercut EMs!
3/8" flat endmill
carbide, plain finish i think
for what
enco has everything
use any silicon diode?

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they swapped Y and X just to fuck with you

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looks like it

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more caps = less ripple

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natsemi switches are expensive
you want to do 1A output?
and boost how much?
oh its buck
wtf are you say 100mA->1A for
thats your range?
it should be fine, do the math for the max current through the switch
for your drop
prob still fine
the switch uses more current

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god i hope youre trolling
tho you are an anime nut
because youve memorized it all
that happy hardcore doesnt have to be gay
really i dont care it sucks, homo or nonhomo
well no youre agreeing that happy hardcore sucks doesnt mean i have to agree that jungle sucks
but ty for agreeing
whats the problem
just the diode is inside
and its got a divider, surely you can find some fixed out shit

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damn this shit went from dubstep to hardcore
you listen to hardcore
its hardcore
yeah your shit sounds like rainbows
no the happy shit is gay
hence 'happy'
look even if i was gay it wouldnt change that happy hardcore is the gay/happy form of hardcore
which is hard
cool or not its the truth
because happy hardcore sucks

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tejava ice tea = win

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almost done with werq@home
(cut slot in abs proto thing, make copper shim with two holes out of bar stock, easyeasy)

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