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makes using it for hiking kinda difficult
tho yeah pretty awesome you can use it for trails, even on my shitty 320x240 phone display

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haha ya that peep show shit was elaborate
`nico: fabricate me a warp hole for me
from here to hollywood
it only has to work once a week
twice would prob be safer
and it should make warp pipe noises
no no
thats the middle of nowhere
you know there is a lake in front of that shit?
fucking reservoir above hollywood, we were like jezus fuck how did they hide this
i need to go to like the middle of hollywood
the hollywood sign?
or the lake
no i dont think so
you kinda gotta drive around a bit, aver some hills before youre there
yeah we found it with nav
heh no sense of elevation from google maps

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dnb is going to be dead
heh, kinda neat when its like that tho, with the extra sound theyve had
like, i was sitting at a table maybe 20 feeat from the speaker, and a track dropped heavy and i felt the air blowing in my face
no one in the way, like a bass breeze

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devestation is devestating
timecop: rly?
me too!
timecop: i didnt code it and im sure your pipe can deal?
no theyre time they can do it wrong people will still come
its taking me like 2 seconds

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to share?
dide lunix unfail at ntfs write support?
last i remember it was just byte swaps in existing data
oh wait
ac-130h: i think those are servo based?
thats a way bigger hack than getting into a step cnc

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ill ask my sister next time i see her
travels dates have been pushed out a week but possibly as soon as next week
`nico: where you going in may?
sounds fun

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