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um, kickstand on the tablet
this is 1000 year old dmm tech
i didnt say an ipad
like a scope built into the same footprint with huge display and soft keys that would drop away
or artists

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audio bling
i wouldnt mind a scope in an ipad format
like a real one
timecop_: u r, and yeah so tablet footprint would be smaller, macegr
but yeah a 4ch differential scope would be sweet

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cnc controllers already do acceleration if you set up the accel on the XY plane a axis the same as the e axis it should just work
why wouldnt they use real software
emc is ubuntu based
and will run on anyway >1ghz
shit runs my machine my machine makes parts
emc axis gui is awesome, realtime 3d feedback of paths and cutting envelope
with motion history
turbo and mach are silly
so what costs money
the computer?
i think my atom board was like $90
sure theyre cheaper now
the atom setup is fast
imm lower realtime jitter than anything else on linuxcnc latency table
because real shit has latency
because computers are a joke tc

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wtf is a slicer
wtf is extruder code
why didnt they use an m-code
why is that bad
no neccessarily
because of the layer thickness
and wtf w/ acceleration, like axis acceleration?

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well so what if it takes 4x as long it can still do it
im used to that shit running all night
pretty standard for cnc stuff, do the fast protos have reliability issues or something?
wait skeinforge is some apple shit wtf
yeah im raeding that and making this face =|
E codes?

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is there something pops out gcode?
i could mount one of those on the size of my headstock
it goes 60ipm
it doesnt have to be awesome at it
its another thing it can do tho
and i might be upgrading the steppers
haha @ 4x taking forever

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macegr: whats the vertical resolution?
no like irl with standard extrusion materials
you could do .001" layers it wouldnt come out like smooshed crap?
so like whats the finest layer thickness
like .010?
blackmoon: and a belt =\
macegr: what software doyou use to drive it?

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has anything broken yet?
the fdm parts are pretty solid besides the shitty texture
yeah like the solder spool holders or the brackets
thats neat

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did you do the glue gun nozzle yet?
thats what a fast proto is
i dont know what you have now
and that guys fucked
hes getting tazed

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um almost all sterotypes are kinda true
theyre not universally true which is why its rude to make assumptions based on them
or some shit
maybe i can CNC some shit
while i do laundry
i guess thats rude if people are like sleeping

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youre supposed to drink all the water before going to sleep
alcohol should be illegal
marijuana overdose = good nights rest
alcohol overdose = die
you mean coke?
i hate doing laundry
how much did you drink?
dont forget mexican dudes, irish dudes

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i kinda want assdriod
ive played games on it

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like i have money to have a fun car
tho the volvo is pretty fun to drive, moves around awesome for a 2 ton car
im pretty sure ive used up these shocks tho
and the steering rack has thi funny detent maybe 5 degrees off center now
monkeyisl: i dont have anyplace to work on a car
else id prob be like fuckit and get a $1500 280z
looks like a bunny
you killed it having fun with it didnt you
timecop_: mean
looks pretty clean really
yes and
this is not #lawyers

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it wasnt a straight line car, but it had a revvy engine and it weighed nothing
the tdi looks better
it looks like an early 90s egg civic
everything else looks ass
it is a golf
its supposed to
i think the tdi looks better than the gti anyway
theyre golfs
gti has always been a golf
even if its a diff model, its the high performance version of the golf
regular golf = economy, tdi = high mpg, tons of torque, gti = fast, think its a turbo

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pretty sure the golf gti performs/reviews better'
and the tdi beats the base mini for price and performance
and mpg
gets better than the mini
around that
i think they are closer in real driving but the tdi is better
mini is cool until you see it next to a real mini
30/42 vs 29/37
it weighs nothing and its way smaller
that was the whole point of the mini
it didnt need power
it didnt slow down in turns

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that was in road and track like last year
its electric or hybrid or some shit
most cars do for a long time
who knows, minis kinda suck
i dont think thats either of the big ones so yeah prob cooper works or some race thing
you can get that for around the same price as the mini and its like 100x sexier
its old tho

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'drilled pickup/release hole'

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ha sweet
imported an image of a pcb into solidworks to get the dimensions, printed out the drawing, cut out with razor blade, hole fits the PCB perfect
eagle has been doing that for awhile?
and ultiboard did it like 4 years ago at least
how is eagle not modern
dude CAD is all bad
ive used dicktrace, remember?
it sucks in its own way
it sucks in its own way
well youre like getting all excited you can change angle modes in diptrace
by holding down some keys and clicking or who knows
thats just standard right click op in eagle
how is that better
sounds lame im not convinced
if i want a bloaty cad full of features, i can use pads
timecop_: yeah, lame
i want to lay the trace down how i want
and not come back to it

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something made them bulge out
and something made that can split its wrapper
they prob vented
so the can might be flat but split, and the covers blew out a bit from the pressure

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what did you do
it just defrosted?
check for cold solder joints
or transformer is burnt

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i heard starting the end of this year

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look in the datasheet for the specs for ESR and temp and make sure what you get is the same or better
it says chemicon smk, so you have the specs theyll like likely linked off digikey
its basically the size/volts/farads of the cap
nice they dont have them
they have SMG SMH SMQ
so you have to go to the chemicon site
but yeah those caps might just be old
find the datasheet and work from that, even if its obsolete
wonder how many servers were washed away in the tsunami

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read the series
on the cap
chemicon smk

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im pretty sure it takes out something in the psu
so itd kill itself before draining the battery
blackmoon: yeah im saying if it shorts rail to rail, the PSU will eat it
because they dont tend to overdesign the PSU
so it wouldnt drain the battery
now your bytes are eaten by a byte ID
trying to difgure out what byte got dropped
half you byte an ID and only 8 bytes at a time!
split in half

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if the bias is done too cheap or just wrong or whatever, sometimes they will just go nuts
its smps powered
so i dont have to think of a reason why your analog circuit would go nuts
it prob took a ton of effort to keep it from randomly freaking out
yeah because who knows what the circuit looks like
and an AB amp, its prob just got transistors
fets = money, not so much benefit driving them linear
sure you can get a few more watts because of low Ron but they make up the watts in creative marketing anyway
but yeah, i think cold is wishful thinking
if caps say 0C theyre prob fine to -20
and -20 to -40
yeah theres prob blown parts in the psu section
blackmoon: naw if one side of the AB half bridge blows, its shorting through the load
and i can see that stressing caps, maybe blowing series parts in the psu or a fuse
but yeah if both blow

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hi the caps are burnt
youre like showing us images of whats wrong and going whats wrong
those dont look as bad
no from they can fail from being too hot
from being filled too long
yeah but 0c?
or bulges the caps out on top like .5"!
in which case replace them anyway
get the datasheet for the caps
that doesnt look nearly as bad
but yeah typically, new, that disc is flat =)
wait the heatshrink wrap is cracked
haha nice
one of your output devices prob failed
or more than one
but youre amps output section prob shorted out
and it overdrove the psu
and the caps ate it
champi0n: so what?
thermal runaway
its prob an AB amp

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and its usually like -40C or something
its usually like, *really* cold
if its a cheapshit china cap maybe its fucked
right what moon said
then the caps should have been sitting with almost no ripple
checked the fuse?
its inside then
then look for burned shit
looks like chemi-con caps
gotta love that, hot glue on the power wire connections
they prob got to hot
maybe they have way high esr at switching freq

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they say it like that, its like saying there are zero repeat customers
1 in 10 starving kids in africa and india have an electric guitar
you have no idea how many guitars have been produced in the last 100 years
i have a guitar
im not even a guitarist
theres prob 5M people like me
make sure it doesnt say in china
korea or indonesia is prob preferred if you cant get USA or japan
anyway go play them

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