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isabella: omg you are not a good influence on me
also hi

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or rly i dunno but if theres nothing bigger than 12" in there
srs do you love this girl or what wtf is your issue
b side
still pretty awesome
this isnt really wobble
see because it chzanges pitch
when it LFO to amplitudes

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trip out i has thick record
(i has like 4)
no im drunk
like you even know me sober
thats parts awesome tho ^
this is why i dont care im like fuck yeah noisa
even tho some od the dubstep and drumstep shit is kinda like meh
so you got those class-b qsc
like any mfkr doesnt give a shit about sound quality
did you at least get capable subs
or do you have some lame shit on a pole
or what
you dont love her

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amount you are able to fuck with fubfocus:
k not rly much
because whatever there were planes landing like 100 yards away and we couldnt hear them
thats why
onw day we will be on the runway
runway is prob better than brick floors

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the brit likes scanlines

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okay click and be converted mother bitch
see because he is stuck in some sort of semi persistent loop
but he gets out
but its all over then
ur gay thats why
so technically everything you experience is gay
so what i trip on is at the end there is a minute of dramatic shit that has no music
timecop: tv?
who cares about scanlines

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especially at 1:06
urmom is drum n bass
and people are like OMG SHES FAT
but then they see her dance and they all want to fuck her anyway but no one wants anyone to know
so weve completed uber secret speaker thing
well like X0 proto
but we have neglected the sub
we = bitches
so is like, this shit on mtv
or what

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so i want to know if he did his name like that for copyright reasons
or thats just how skynet translates in the northern europe
oh yeah i guess there is already a skynet (and stakka)
honestly that one is better

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fuck when i see you im going to slap you just for saying that
now go cry or rub yourself in yen or some shit
im pretty sure the lame ass ps2 cd player did that too
shit thAT prob doesnt even has a bandpass filter
wtf 51 seconds
urmom is all analog
(thats a respectful compliment)
(i think)
even better
hes gone tho hes doing uk venues for months
this guy just doesnt make shit tracks
i guess because he was doing trance for awhile, if you can make unhorrible trance, put a dnb beat behind it and you have gold
(obviously nothing happens for a minute)

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i just assume its ground and if something burns its the ethers fault i was just listening to the silkscreen
aside from being like the lower 1/10 of an incomplete schema?
no the current
then you multiply the voltage between I_sense_dcb2 and GND_LSFET
whatever the fuck that means
im prob not even right because wtf does that schematic even mean
current is derived from the voltage across R88
so you need a diff amp or two ADC and diff the results or fuck man just figure it out already
you know we know youre not full retard, right
so wtf are you asking
you know how already youre just being pussy because youre not sure so stfu already and do it and post images of the PCBA and move on
wtf now youre being full retard we dont know how much current because we dont know what pedo bear animu app this is for
but yeah most likely you maybe need 2 or 3 or 1 0603 to share current
see how i says basically fuck off do maths yourself right there?

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no im talking to that mfkr timecop
dont take advantage of me you dont have bewsb its not allowed
timecop: you fucked up at asking
but you need more circuits to measure high side voltage most likely
most power meters use a high side shunt and are ground referenced and shit just works because obvious explanations go here
timecop: i know im saying give up
well how do you know the voltage across the load without measuring the high side
A: you dont
so you might as well put the shunt high side
and measure at an actual ground ref
then handle it
wtf is #electronics having to hold your hand forever just do that shit and report back when it fails and we will help you to minimal rework
you know like the other 10 times
timecop: nothing so much other than the banana labeled ground will actually be a ground
which in many applications is actually useful

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kinda like my cock if i was a full mexican
but anyway shes a junglist she doesnt even know it
but we dont get to find out until after simi valley kickball practice
like half
and maybe few gens back there is like, confirmed spaniard and native
so year im like a mexican fureal
macegr: i prob wont remenber that i just read that in 23 seconds
haha wait what
i think you just broke control protocol
so you did like pixel feedback
or actually did some sort of advanced 13th grade maths
whatever it doesnt have to be realtime youre already doing more that 95% of all the other makefools
i remembers this maybe i think
no bitch i was socializing like a normal fuckhead
whatever he will be unbant by morning because stu
remind inittab or something
why is that not feedback
its nor propotional i dont think
not you garret

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even if there isnt some of this shit is addictive
so addictive i have noreal perception of how loud i am playing this this shit in my semi uncommunical los angeles linked residential environment
hey whatever
somewhere some kid is totally pissing off his parents with this shit
and i respect that
punk. for 1000 million years.
rockers dropped the ball
junglists had to take the backbeat over
ok listening
fu i want to hear the intro
you know how many drops i heard
wtf words?
this shit has real words?
that i can understand
minus 1M points to your dome
and stuff
dude :38 is so bad
okay pitched shifted flows
well check it out
its LFO to amplitude at bpm divided speeds
which was old in dnb like 5 years ago
but ill give you a pass since dubstep seems to be solely based on this
and the bass drones on about 3 sec more per measure
and since the current prospective vagina actually knew what a skrillex was

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or some shit
macegr: not even exciting coming from you anymore
until you are like, we took over some eastern block country with sb rays, i dont even notice
and shit like that would even take you two weekends
mofo if you become fat and happy i will disown you
feed on the less tekky masses until you have fed us all
or at least this months rent
like your rent
you better paid your rent bitch
its prob like $3M a second where you live
i dont even like my link and its better than yours
okay i kinda like it
but its not fast enough
but srs its not bad
even tho i talk shit
i dunno rly i clicked on mine 3 secs after clicking on yours really i dont even respect you enough to listen to your shit before i listen to shit i supposedly dont even like
anyway sry but maybe there ius vaginas and bewbs involved

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and the name is almost the mazda name for Rotary gENESIS but i laughed real hard and stole it
because 13b is neato
i dont has tv
i went to buddies and drew barrymore was on
did you know:
our butts may have been on the same toilet
we were maybe even tackled by the same staff
at least one staff overlapped
i have 200kbit i think
like 1/10 my down
well i win
because im not a server fuck who cares about up my ratio is 1:1
u uh
what speed
urmom does speed
for what kind of media
my nuts?
pr0n and comic jpgs?
because if yes, maybe i will care enough to fill out forms
and shit
wtf text boxes
you know what you die
and im am a bad person for saying but i can no longer extend myself in a keyboard tapping text sense of the language

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well yeah and prob like 8K diff in price
and do they even sell a tsi here?
dude they distribute arduinos to art students
i dunno if i am thrilled or horrified
no im from california
whatever you pay
convert it to american
then multiply by 400%
thats prov what they want from me
not lol is truth
for macegr and nico it is worse it is like 600%
macegr: hi
did you know: make faire = right before bday = right before bartender lapdance
= status unknown
wtf is this word rules
did you make that shit up +1M creative points
what we have been talking 4min why are you just know like yo
im like 2Mbit
i pay and rr delivers i dont even have to take the test because it will say like 1.8 and i will be wrong and im just not down with that
no not up

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i want a TDI golf
other hacker and his ME wife say fuckit i should just get a new car
because the tdi is better gas and has torque
torque = real life fun
hp = masturbation and 15% fun
srs i had a 50hp civic with 90hp torge and 40mpg, i loved that shit
double all those numbers = number god
dude you had to drive it like nuts, a race car, just to merge into traffic
but that shit didnt even understand the concept of stall
whatever gear you wanted to be in for whatever retarded reason, that cvcc was like, hmm ok
diff car but no hondas are total crap
usually a good buy
so yeah new tdi = new early 90s egg civic
+ 50 hp + 100 fllb torque

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because yeah rab and mace and nico and ac, overlapping, prob cover all my skills
yeah dont worry thats not realy people
thats just the ghost in the machine knows what you are
know one else cares
no one even
no whatever you can stay but for pinting that out you get 1
M ban point
just be glad you are not that guy
whatever some bot unban him in a few hours
or not
but who cares
i seen you contribute
and stuff
what is vag group
shit i need to do more of that i have ratios that are static that i need to mod and take advantage of
what like service docs?
fuck man you are practically internet #1 resource i just spray electronics what do we know
besides everything

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ok nm it wasnt in the car is was next to my keys 3ft from the fridge machine
i guess this is practic3e for kickball practice and drum n bass slash dub step
no one calls it jungle anymore
were still junglists tho
oh hi
hi im me
get used to it even when people are here im pretty kmuch talking 80% to myself
but im workin on it
fuck art gave me a ton of home grown i have to eliminate that shit brb
prob mostly the same without a bit of ttatic and maybe 3% less knowledge

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`nico: fu
russian engineers = > american drinking ability
but i <3 art and tania
she gave me vegetable blend to mix into my breaded fried hamburger patty meat
i have to go back to car to retrieve becauyse srs who the fuck thinks about tanias veggie blend for breaded fried meat when they are gather randoms for the travels to front door
i hope it is not illegals to walk to my car in the parking lock
because yeah fuck lapd how am i not beat downb in the street\
a little bit brb

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what type of oscillator its made for
you probably want shunt

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kevtris: tried the fx888?
monkeyisl: its not a standard xtal, wtf is that package it has a sil-pad on top?

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aioue isnt bad, tho
i think tc replaced two heaters on his hot air setup?
aioue is cheaper but hakko isnt expensive
haha weller is shit
i dunno the the mag regulated tips are unreliable compared to electronic feedback regulation

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because theres prob dozens or hundreds of pF in parasitic capacitance in the circuit
weve used analog for quick/dirty measurements in an audio lab at my last job and my friend uses one in his home lab
wtf hakko
aioue looks like the night shift or QA rejects from the hakko factory

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mfkr monkeyisl
rab: kingbright sent us like 3 7seg samples
oddly one was common cathode, in the datasheet
but not irl
im pretty amazed at datasheet errors ive seen over the years
no idea how they run their factories monkeyisl
er prob i meant to say common anode but whatever it was backwards
what if youre buying them

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