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i had broken in falken zeix rotated to the front
and then cheap shit tires on the back
and you take a turn fast enough the ass end would creep out the tiniest bit, it was cute

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its doable =)

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its prob like 33 here
have fun with that

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looks neat, pretty easy
can prob get the software keys because other hacker got his job back
`nico: sweet
left and up?
its 5 or 6 gears
the golfs too

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somewhat epic
`nico: every done anything with the sigmastudio audio dsp stuff?
my analog hax0r friend has a hard on to design around one

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yeah that sounds pretty cool

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yeah the 40 hours 5 days thing kind of sucks

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ha cool
yeah and then the techs are usually involved in initial production support
so basically you see something go from marketing concept to proof of concept prototypes to alpha and beta production builds and then the actual production samples
few hundred
its still got corp office type issues
were not public yet, were not sold
last job was less people and more nuts, more compartmentalized, crap manufacturing support and mostly subcontracted engineering

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but yeah i kind of figured tech work was the best way to learn design for manufacturing type stuff
which is what i got interested in during school, so i figured i learn how engineers piss of techs before going to school for engineering
ha thats a good rep to have
yeah thats prob way more stressful, i dont like doing work on production stuff so much, pre consumer
have to worry about fucking up the finish
development stuff its accepted that prototypes will get used up, worn out, and getting shit done quick is more a priority

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tech stuff in audio engineering lab
dsp guitar amps and effects gear, digital guitars, mostly i been doing manufacturing and sustaining stuff
sweet i wanna see that
yeah like a product already on the market needs to be fixed or improved
= sustaining work
popular i guess, kinda big

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i totally want to go back to school, maybe not work and load up on loans
=\ =\ =\
and i already make decent money

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k so now use it
why do you need every xtal ever

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vaati: yeah same

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except yours was prob shitty steel
hey be nice
no mean in #electronics
and yeah thats what you get for being an ass troll
know one knows when youre helping or being a bitch
inittab: get the one stuck out?
inittab: drill it out
what kind of bit
send cash in an envelope
do a bank transfer
prob a fee there too

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100% lead
no i guess not tin lead melts at lower temps
monkeyisl: iunno ask in #cars
what broke?
get a screw extractor
inittab: http://community.craftsman.com/Craftsman-10-Pc-Screw-Extractor-Set-w-Vinyl-Case-reviews?tab=details

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