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`nico: never seen one, have seen several pink minis, both look better in silver

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jkthecjer: diagonal is for busses
hurted my brain
jkthecjer: neat
anything like that is used up
and fuck $6k
thats expensive
if i spend towards that much on nextcar i prob get a ~2000 prelude
or maybe an older tacoma
preludes were like the only hondas that werent chick cars
and the last generation ones still dont look dated
but mostly they are used up and/or riced

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you test drove it and sounds like you selected it =)
non s w/ stick mini
theyre actually a pretty decent value
`nico: shrug, it burns you have a warranty, they prob manage to put the car back together right
monkeyisl: im thinking about it
monkeyisl: i think im going to get a 2nd pos car
to supplement the volvo
that way i can like, rotate if they have issues

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naw itll just burn itself faster =)
okay because if i was getting a car for someone, id prob let them learn stick on something somewhat expendable befor3e going and spending $35K on a car they might not be into and have a decent chance of ruining
thats just me
rab: most female types i seen in minis (which is many) get the auto =)
my guess is they actually test drove their mini
exactly, because its your car =)
and a non s non stick mini wouldnt be a waste

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i havent seen any drawings of the actual dual clutch assembly
`nico: at least its not as bad as when i saw a guy teaching some chick stick on a 90s ferrari
id prob just get the 6 speed manual
thats clutched?
pfft i have an 89 volvo goes through like .5quart of ATF a week
anything is an upgrade
teaching someone stick on a cooper s wtf

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in your mini?
you were teaching your gf
anything else is unacceptable
oh you got married
oh wtf for her, fail\
dude you dont have kids
it aint no big thing =)
`nico: should have got a golf with dsg
or an auto mini
it just has one?
with two flywheels or what

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