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guys how come there is no tea without sugar at 711
u r
hmm no that came out wrong

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why dont you just ask dx to do it for you
guys not having a water filter sucks

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its like a speaker
and theyre like about 3/4" wide
no this company isnt about speakers really
going to turn them into beads, me and a friend have a plan
it goes like, insult religion, ???, profits
hmm no why i got the stock from home depot
also why would i insult muslims, they didnt ruin america

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phones camera sucks
cnc does 3d \o/
no sir this has no ports, sealed single pole rolloff ftmfw
the thing on top is a dirty bong pullout
guys there is drugs in the image you are just focusing on the wrong thing
no is a home depot stick
heroin is bad for you
um, home depot sticks wtf
blackmoon: i want to machine them out of the pen blanks eventually

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got my edc tickets
mfkn vegas

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holy shit its working

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k doing my first 3d raster cnc thing
(tiny wood speaker)

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(i think its some sort of dance exercise thing? i dont have the tv i dont know)
i got conductive paint + CA glue on me today i thought maybe i was stained for life + cancer
fuck it did it wrong
solidworks and mastercam XYZ plane orientation in the same program is confusing

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Last summer I started counting the number of girls I would interact with on a daily basis and it was usually less than three - counting the coffee girl at Strada.
uh, welcome to degrees that end in 'of Science' that arent biology
should have become a fine arts student, play with mud and crayons and girls all day
is getting a text saying they will call me later count as interaction
because that seems kinda week
and wtf is zumba
how long does it last

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sucks, which?

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yeah i popped a 3W LED relying on the current limiter of a bench supply
some work
some will kill your project

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what do you mean @ 200mA
thats the max output of your supply, or thats what the I meter reads
because i dont think you should trust that current reading anymore =\

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boggy as fuck when you try doing bigger circuits, compared to ltspice (and i think pspice but i barely remember)
and the sim stuff makes it kinda bloaty for use as a capture app

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rewter: you either give it dc, or ac
(depending what kind of buzzer)
did your computer make a noise
yeah its fun for sim

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my mom

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ive seen them with 5532 input buffers

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behringer prob has worse everything else
but i know someone with the deq thing, messed with it, neat box i guess
has a cool UI, but the core tech is available on most home theater setups now
wow behringer used a 2134?
thats spendy for audio =)
i wonder if the dac out is ac coupled
or theyre using the servo instead of ac coupling caps

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are you sure you want to do that?
and buy bipolar caps wtf those are psu caps
panasonic fc isnt for psu?
why do you want to bypass the output buffers on a dac

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