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they did an LA dubstep vs LA jungle thing, and then in the end dubstep djs played jungle and jungle djs played dubstep
also there was drum step

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i think i need a new hoopty to supplement the volvo soonish
slow and steady...

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and dump all your gear on the pavement
you could have used my coffee table
(used to be for 50" tv)
dont you have a girl who will do this for you for beer
no i mean somewhere in the office
whatever you just need to have phone numbers for freight logistics people
and you shit will get there with stickers from some random bus company or airline
im so glad i dont know how much money we spend on shipping shit at work =D
teh rab or wat
yeah i was like, his car is not exactly rally
looks like a car after and endurance rally

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shit i sneezed and my gum is gone
okay maybe i do make on the 21st
and then bartender rock band on the 22nd/23rd
uh, airplane
i dont see how that will interfere with stripper music at all
check it
why they will just cut the tape

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i have a friend wants to go to burning man
i was half asleep
yes i remember
i did not see him anymore
i talked to him in #cars like 5min ago
are you still around the tesla coil?
is it away from the wifi gear?
yeah fuck that
tho i would be down to see if my hammer the config reg code is tesla resistant
oh thats what all this construction stuff is about
you are like, carpentry level: stoned
and youre going to tell me thats not more on drugs than wood

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so when is make
like the 19th
oh wtf thats difficult
so i could do that for my bday
or do bartender girl and her 3/4 girl punker band at the strip club
she offered a lapdance
whatever i dont care about my bday so much
but its neat that make is basically on my bday
is like monaco gp
i dont really think if i made it there for a bday people would give a shit either!
no, hayward
but so yeah i was thinking oh i could go to make
but now its like, oh i can totally watch drunk bartender girl rock out in a strip club
now its a decision

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is there music or drugs or somewhat of a higher than engineering girl ratio
besides alcohol
if i show up and spark bowls will people be annoyed
or wat
no im not
no i dont
going to respect vs smog
hackers smoke weed
so i cant just tshirt a hit while sitting on a couch
i mean thats pretty lo pro for me
well so i maybe dont want to do that this weekend

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macegr: status of status for next week
i will be in close proximity
how do weeks with no plans become big to you
isnt that in chicago or something
oh its there
oh hi
we can rent a tesla and think of reasons to bill ym company for it
i was going to hang with someone who would be a stranger to you
you guys just fuck with your computers real late

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