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oh processing unzipped
he has paid for multiple apple things

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im hungry
this never happens when the market is open

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why would i ever have a house in bakersfield
suki^[tm]: stop trying to ban evade
your number turned pink again stoppit
awesome use of zip ties

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i have the cnc version
i can firefox + cnc cycle, machine wont fuckup
you could firefox in 95?
i didnt get a computer machine until like 2001
flip that

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i think compared to sending all of those little boards out, the cnc prob paid for itself
wtf is dorkbot
and is the leadtime 1hr
omfg china is faster
The next 2 layer circuit board order will be May 16th, 2011 at 08:00AM Pacific. Panels have been filling up lately, so submit your designs early to make sure they get in.
yeah waiting for everyone to put their shit in is kinda meh
sometimes they would do some of the colors same as green, no extra charge
woah that looks cool
clear is the new black
i liked blue
i want to do red with yellow silk

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23:52 <@renesis> stuff on the left is just breakouts?
23:52 <@renesis> also neat layout
not sure if that made it
rab: still using the same photo paper?
yeah why i like the cnc thinger

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