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why does it have so many screws on the front
is that the back
it was a bit over 30 years ago
also theres was a few years in the early mid 90s
also eddie murphy was funny
everything else when he was on was mostly crappy
haha i dunno

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i learned about integration and differentiation from electronics =\
they always have demo code
simon, haha

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there is
sometimes its goofy, sometimes its drugged out, a lot of it comes from when active electronics just didnt happen
goofy passive filter networks, one knob will throw the rest of the parameters off
like only amp was the one at the output
so i mean, then, part quality did matter a lot
i dunno what those are

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not yet!
ecc83 are 12ax7 i think...
yeah its 12ax7 so up to 250V plates, but i guess they will run on much less
i think we tested 6V6 at like 400W
verty: prob more work in 5-10 years unless you want to work as a grad student, researcher forever
for overdrive you just want more gain
does he?

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when you see it clip, go back until it doesnt
go back = turn it down, use a sine tone at 1KHz to start
and call that your 1% THD power
same deal
you can use the speaker, but you need to do a sweep for impedance on it first
why dont you think its tubes
6v6 are power tubes
its what like $100?
i dont see what youre tripping on
it has a transformer for a 5W amp
just because its HV doesnt mean it needs to be big

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you said it makes diff sounds diff like how, like different freqs no?
does it play diff sounds or no
oh read more scroll
wtf is a laney amp
for 5W?
look nothing has a transformer rated for sustained output power
nothing affordable at least
so take a resistive load, least like 50W, and put signal on it

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05:29 < bXi> i'm not sure how tube amplifaction works
with a fuck ton of glass, copper and ferrite

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dx^: mfkr

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get a book on GD&T

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