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i dont care
and i would guess no

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macegr_: neat

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damn roland midi shit for guitar is expensive

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but yeah balanced power is kinda neat
easy to do with like wiring to bridged amp modules
prob a headache to do on a PCB to signal amps

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going balanced internally takes a lot of space and money
i dont get what this has to do with grounding

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i either star ground or i cut up the ground plane
so its basically a star anyway
i put line on the restrict or keepout layer, dont remember which
what is pseudo balanced
its balanced power or its not
all you power rails are paired or twisted, and you have to run them to bridged amps, basically
like a dual amp, each channel pushing opposite polarity
oh youre just talking about signal now
well yeah anything for mixers you want to have diff io
internally, its a money vs layout vs noise immunity thing

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yeah 125mm is still nuts, but the cd thing made me think like, 12.5mm

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yeah thats not accurate
dragged through a gap no wider than a CD case
okay thats misleading

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what in layout?
why would you bus ground
wtf do you mean p2p
doesnt tekrad have some shit like that

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cheater_: are you still talking about guitar tube amps

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