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because its les pauls bday

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oh cmon someone kill it

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haha timecop has a youtube
youtube is failing

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thats how guitar pickups are
ones i tested were like between like between 800mH and 3H
oh fuck someone kick this guy or op me
tekviper: make it go away
er tekrad

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oshit they set the LFO to sine
honestly on a huge soundsystem its impressive anyway

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so i think a ton of fixed cams, medium res, like at the corners and facing up
then you have a pod for more cam
with zoom and pan and lasers
fuck an arm thats not last through beatings
then just put a ultracam on that
along with spray stuff

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can i put speakers on them
just have lots of cheap cams
instead of a turret
yeah you just need a box with sheels sticking out
polycarb windows for cams
hardpoints for spray stuff or more complicated cams
cheater_: fuck that i use chemicals
whatever just dont have the turret on the outside

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sell bulk to plummers
damn because we have a street here plummer
like california
black widow + brown recluse + rattlesnake
also red ants (!)
our method is spray nest, freak out run inside
go out and check couple hours later
how else do you kill wasps?
you just going to stand there while they stream out pissed off

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wow @ panda express = pretty good
yours is different/
guys how much should i charge for machine time
neat i was going to do like $40
prob not but what is it

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just use ltspice
panax is way to smart
neither do i

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sculptor: i dunno how this electronics shit happened before there was internets
other hacker keeps telling me about these things called databooks

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cmon thats just algebra now
do you want to do electronics or not

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solidworks dwg editor undoes view pans and moves when you ^z
kinda sucks

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resistors in series you add the resistance
in parallel you add the um, allowance?
something like that
you add the inverse
yeah but inductors are the same
caps are opposite
in series?
say 10^3 or youre going to confuse people
or just say 150e-3

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10:44 < Virgo> well i guess you could call it memory for the fiddly things. but yeah im not sure how to find XL in a series RL circuit
i think
thats for caps
doesnt matter how you learn those, just know them
for a given freq, you can just turn them into resistors and then its just simple ohms law
damn i was stretching and got a cramp in my neck/shoulder

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yeah coming at us like that is def a good way to get trolled by ops and regs
well dont tell us were doing your homework
yeah all we care about is your electronics question
youve been here 4min and were not talking about electronics

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go back to make revolutionary mixers
or abusive input voltage levels
that is weird wtf is that
its like, the same thing but they didnt want to draw the resistor split?
yeah i hate that multibase and multicollector shit

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wait thats just how much current itll push?
cheater_: its not spec'd for linear operation, at all, so no its not op amp
not to mention it only has one input
its just an output section with really high open loop gain
you need to diff input it
yes, but youre usually talking non linearities in the .1% THD range
vaati: hes not that bad because we treat him like this
if we let him run wild imagine how useless this chan would be
might as well invite stu back and deop ourselves
yeah because i kick cheater and pitz too much?
its just inverters

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09:22 < Vaati> can I just use a hex inverter or something ?
=O =O =O
well maybe if your goal is like <50% THD
but no not in any real audio system =(
isolate your noise, invert it, mix it into the original wave
fuck mics and shit im just talking about signal
i dunno what hes talking about
i think thats a non ideal condition

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yeah lets fuse a panel to my machine table
other hacker said thats what project manager at exjob said about me
well about both of us
then engineering vp told project manager to stfu

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inittab: i dont think she can help me with CNC setup
dont have lasers
doesnt help the setup issue anyway

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the doublesided duct tape kinda worked but there was def some less then straight lines cut

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but yeah in general, its waves with lots of harmonic content, sometimes run through distortion for even more harmonics, then cut back with filters
its the most wonderful thing ever invented
so you take that, hook the amplitude and/or filters to a sync'd LFO, and you have wobble bass
its cool and everything, but it literally lacks the power of droning/rolling/reese bass
but dubstep is slow so the wobbles last longer
seriously how am i going to hold this panel

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they all do, you still have to get the distortion and filtering and reverb/delay and compression right or it just sounds like ass
or too simple
theres lots of ways to do it
you just can just run two osillators and detune one a few cents to get the resonant droning sound
okay so make it
+ drums and some middle shit
also make it so it doesnt sound like something someone else done before
then when you take it out to show people your awesome tracks, it has to sound right running along with another track

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dubstep latched onto the wobble bass that was popular in drum n bass like 5 years ago
dubstep hasnt figured out how to drone
or it just wont drone for strange political reasons, heh
yeah, long continuous rolling bass
getting the synth or samples right, proper pitch shifting of the freq and filtering
excellent rolling bass ^
then do it

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dubsteppers would be fine with that description
sometimes dnb producers have to fix the dubstep tracks
drumstep, yay
speed it up
and bass like they been doing this for 20 years

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man dubstep without a massive drop is fucking weak
that one is better
like when the drop hits and its not massively saturated it just doesnt work
you need bass w/ harmonics all the way up the spectrum
like, it needs to spray

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