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cheater_: They go on like that for hours and it's ridiculous. Weed is weed; you smoke it and get high. End of discussion.

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pretty sure they have issues with perspective too

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k so i have to use crop circle schematics to make a spaceship so we can go to mars
fuck aliens suck at mechanical drawings

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wow this is long
she prob wouldnt say anything shed prob just stab it

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so she wants me to make a spaceship so we can go away
haha ive been given research materials

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some of them are good
most dubstep is pretty pointless if its not on a massive soundsystem
nico: i heard ratm - bombtrack and sabbath - iron man dubstepped last night
was kinda neat
and i kinda <3 alot of the drumstep remixes of dubstep tracks
dubstep is good, just needs a dnb producer to fix it
havent kept up much
been listening to old mixes ive had around
so one of my oldest bros and a girl who went through the shit with us are together

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i un-panick-attacked olivia newton johns daughter
she said i was the only real looking person on that side of the fake grass patio
i almost want to get a fb acct so i can be like HI ARE YOU OKAY OR ARE YOU SPAZZING OUT AGAIN
ive resisted
thats how it is
drum n bass is like that too
maybe 2 or 3 good tracks for every 10, but dubstep seems much much worse

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edc is a bit much for new people
not so much in the drum n bass area
saw feed me (spor) at beatdown last night
like, maybe 2000 person venue, 10p to 5a party
kinda sucks, not instead of dnb/dubstep sets, its mostly dubstep and tech house/electro stuff
awesome soundsystem tho

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am i on the bots
maybe prob not
dont want to spend the money
and honestly vegas is retarded
well thats a good reason
i dont like strip clubs very much, but i went and had a good time for the korean guitar engineer

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nico: oddly thats EDC vegas weekend
also lab tech friends fiance's vegas bachlorette party
prob selling my ticket
nice, ticket price has gone up $25 since i paid

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