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vented enclosures are a 24dB/oct roloff (sucks) but they are 3dB more efficient above rolloff
but if i just use two woofers, i get the same efficiency across the spectrum and only 12db/oct rolloff
and with that woofer itll roll off at 30Hz

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i want 4
i wish most of the females who want that werent all on drugs or drunks
u r
hope not

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damn its past midnight i have not done my laundry
and/or drive me nuts
or pop out little hybrid mes
okay ill get a female this week

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3mv what, dc or signal
then it depends on your load
wtf @ 3mv into an adc, whats the bit res
if the adc is like ~10k input, the 3mv drop makes sense
the opamp just looks like its setup as a comparator

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no i think he means cap and is trolling
polypro caps are sexy but not the type of sexy you put your penis inside
tho i guess if you put like two epoxy drop 10uF film caps side by side you could put your penis in between them like boobs

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suki is supposed to be ban on site
you guys are doing it wrong
timecop: 6.8K and the unlabeled cap at the bottom are an output LPF
thats not an inductor thats how resistors are drawn awesome
inductors = bewbs
kinda that too
either is acceptable but resistors drawn like squigles can look like inductors

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looks water cooled. neat

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dsps in wood

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oh and actually developing your test specs to you know what you actually need to build
like what you want to test and how
what tubes, what tests, so what source and sense types and ranges, acceptable error and noise

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oh for using the thing
i just meant bringing the thing up and maintenace and service and stuff
well hopefully the shit is safe enough you can just use it with vare hands
right so the most difficult part is going to be emi and building it reliable and safe
because its hv and youre going to have analog sense and digital com shit involved

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i still think most of the project is setting up the tube testing electronics
cheater_: no idea but it seems like it should be a common feature
some of them just spray values, tho
you need a couple variable high voltage supplies, and your mechanicals have to deal with sustained high temps
its not like its super difficult to design or impliment, just that if you fuck it up you might die, its not wiring up lm317
just keep a hand behind your back
you wont be able to work
you not working with 000000 gauge cable

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also it depends what you want to test, i think at the job where i matched tubes we just tested transconductance and current leakage
i thought you were talking about making the box
you mean just pc interfacing an existing tube tester?
besides emi, the pc sense side of it is pretty straight forward

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for $300 and cost of parts ill think about it
transformers arent cheap
decent amount of sockets
youll want spare sockets because they disintegrate over time
screen, plate, heater
for the voltage sources
you need up to like 1000V

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cant find it
like how many usb tube test setups can their be

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its synth its all subjective
sec ill see if google images knows

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heh, pots to open up the current meters, so they wouldnt slam the needles into the stops if the values were way overrange

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at work now we have something connects to pc with usb, is built into an impact resistant oversize lunchbox
ive never had to fuck with it, i dont deal with any of the tube products
i just told you, it was homebrew
variac, digital volt meters, analog current meters

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Drumstep (or a dark-toned, half-time version of drum and bass. Nowadays, it is mostly dubstep influenced.)
weird, wiki says drumstep is the opposite of what people here are calling drum step
like 6min in
fucker obviously you are wrong
i know thats why i know youre not listening to the right part
was my job for 6 months, they had a pretty quick and dirty setup
that they had been using for like 10 years =\

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ccfl_man: hi
ccfl_man: the cryptic minds song isnt really dubstep its like, really slow break beats
which is hiphop, i guess
has good bass tho, but its all stretched out and it pitch shifts around, its more like jungle bass
the violins remind me of the first areas of fallout 2

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