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monkeyisl: i think they draw with .005" lines
or like .1mm

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timecop finishes projects and learns and shit
also he trolls trolls
i dunnoooo
bitch mfkr where is my trimmed horsehair brush

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i cant believe my cnc is still awesome after 5 years
haha @ homebrew shit

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wait what

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is monkey an alaskan in korea or is he calling his own people gooks
you would rather be a cracker

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slow finish pass is slow
lemme know the plan

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china stripped for maximum bom efficiency
it just has this vacant look like that circuit once had more parts
it doesnt have the holes for the extra parts tho
but that might mean they are so advanced they deleted those lines from the drill file
yeah probably, or its some ninja self oscillating thing

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my thing only goes down to 1000 =\

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rab: http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Finishing_supplies/Abrasives,_polishes,_buffers/Foam_Polishing_Pad.html
i wonder if i can spin that at 1000rpm

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depends which component you want at hot potential when off
if you put the switch high side, the motor coils will be grounded
and the switch contacts will low side, the motor coils are floating at mains voltage
when the thing is turned on, high side switch will have contacts floating on mains voltage, low side itll sit at ground
doesnt really matter, you can make safety and noise emission arguments, but if the switch and the motor are both earthed properly doesnt matter

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its a SPDT switch or what
test it
oh shit its really 4:20?
ya probably
well why does it have 3 wires
unless it has a chassis ground wire
thats kinda neat
then put it in series with either side of the motor

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is it fathers day?
gpf: son is maybe not on drugs
he thinks you work in IT?

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that will fit in my mill
but i can go at 10K rpm!
so i guess i have to finish machine a surface
then find some sort of 1000rpm puffball on a shank?
i know its all britly =(

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clear pickguards
ha stewmac has them
i want to get a brush for my CNC
try and do brush patterns
i think ive seen it called that
i dont really care
think i can do that with...

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it has wings

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no idea

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so like, holy shit i think failvo has lasted almost 2.5 years
rab: i think ive used the suspension up =(
rab: im pretty sure it does,, it bottoms out on most dips now, and bushings is what i figure takes most of the shock
cheater stfu
but now im worried about the bushings because ive chrunched the front so many times
dont care about the rear, would rather have it loose back there
yeah im saying once its pivoting against the bumpers instead of its suspension points
i mean theyre already 22+ years old =(

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26 in the us, 27 in the jp
NES is a more significant device
cmon wtf joystick
mine too
rab: hi\
rab: volvo got newtires \o/
i kind of thinking about giving it a tuneup
if it lasts through the summer maybe i even get its leaky transmission fixed

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Stimming behavior
wtf is that

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wtf is normal
i look people in the eyes because i cant look people in the eyes
everyone has issues like that, you just think about it more ccfl_man

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thats usually terminal
suspension damage
prob from china
either they hit it with something that tore up the suspension, or it wasnt shimmed properly when they glued the spider and surround together
i dont know?
personally i think you are fine

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uh why arent you grounding the speaker where the output comes from
electroncs usually eat spiders
oh then who cares if it sounds bad
anyway, if you got the speaker output from the line-out miniplug, return it miniplug ground

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vacuum tubes should be instant ban

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omg so i finally look up a pic of this mythical creature
i was seriously expecting more
because im not opped and i dont know the bot situation

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di you do her

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cheater: my cubicle has desk and a work bench, and test gear, also guitars
its better than an office with just a desk
i dunno, like maybe 10'x10'
and i have it like 1/4" open so i can get big shit in and out like whatever
i have to go home to CNC stuff
they can pay like 4x what i expense and it takes a day instead of a week with me

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it have a little sub?
i have an altec lansing 2.1 thing came with my desk, sub is prob like 5" or 6", sounds pretty good
with my desk/bench/cubicle
who said this is where i live

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but i do engineering work in an r&d lab
hahaha all that to talk to people about dilbert?
ive read it, i know premise
pft this guy is someplace else

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07:52 < _pseudo> unlike oem, we build stuff based on customers request
heh, all companies do that
just sometimes they suck at listening to customers, and sometimes theyre too damn lazy and greedy to make it them damn selves
i work for engineers

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