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its gone?

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Not a fire or explosion hazard
The flammability characteristic of polyimide film is
reported as "self-extinguishing".
okay yeah i just did that
"Kapton" will burn in an atmosphere of 100% oxygen. The
major off-gases are carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.
"Kapton" chars but does not burn in air.
i prob wont die
Safety glasses are recommended as good industrial practice.
how the fuck are you going to fuck up your eyes with kapton
i wonder if they just put that in all their msds

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and prob because it slides through the blades too easily
kapton is super high temp
thats its magic
and when its thick its tough as fuck
kapton formers and thick kapton flex pcb could prob ruin some scissors
but using the tape as mechanical insulation is fail
my kapton burnt about 1" and then went out
leaves ash, its a lot like cellulose film
yeah if i hold it upwards, so that the material isnt in the flame, it just goes out
lit the bottom on fire, it burns up the side edge, burns the top edge, most of its still okay
yeah =\
isnt that cutting board stuff?

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truly a wonder of chemical engineering
yeah i think it burns before it melts
blackmoon: scissors cut it
yeah thats my point its not magic
also kapton is usually available in thin sheets
like .001 to .005, because its strong
.001 of teflon?

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haha fail
when i see shit like that i usually note that despite its high strength and high temp handling, scissors will go right through kapton
im guessing theyre just using the board to jumper probes heh

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omg you are gone a long time ago

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his mom stuff isnt as funny as mine

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i kind of want to do class-d tubes
just to be an ass
use the output transformer as part of the output filter

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me thoughts?
and fuck RMS
his initials are one off from mine, and thats not cool

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ac-130u: make sure the project you want to use them on is active, then hit the green dot to enable your lib
enabled libs is per project, so when you open new projects, itll shuffle enabled libs

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we use the bugzilla at work
works fine
fuck i need newsocks these have mad holes
volvo + new tires = sweeet

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