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I'm sorry to have to start the second newsletter in a row with tragic news: Analog-design expert Bob Pease was killed in a single-car accident last week, after leaving a tribute event to analog luminary Jim Williams.
thats sucks i guess

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or some shit
also Norton PC Check is installed
whatever that is
yeah i just use firefox on my main pc for paying couple bills
or download manager stuff

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mfkr put itunes on my eee
prob for his ifail
damn i have a useless search bar on my firefox
no MyWebSearch

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hey neat keyboard works
he must have fished all the crap out of it

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uh, ya
there is an .exe on the desktop like INSTALL_FREE_FILE_OPENER.exe
def gotta wipe this drive
least the touchpad and clickers still work
haha low disc space
i dont even know if i have realplayer on this box for 1extra

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theres a sample of a cute girl voice before the drop all like FIGHT!
maybe she is saying BITE!
i dunno rly!
fuck why am i listenintg to this on the youtube i has the flac somewhere
oh shit i got my eee 4g back today
wonder how back he jacked up the keyboard

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neat, sounda affordable
fuck houses
that doesnt make sense it started as 24

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=( =( =( =( =(
tiesto =( =( =( =( =( =(
palo alto has no bass
there was the one!
it was too cool to even have a front door it has like 3 side entrances
haha ya
and that place was just kinda loud
had no bass
and then my friends people had like, house music on a powerbook
=( =( =( =( =(
expensive apartment, BMW, like fuck you cant drop $2k on some decent sound

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theres a place called sf underground in the haight that does dnb tuesday nights
i dont think there is much drum n bass besides that, friends says its mostly dubstep everywhere else
he says that place usually sucks too, just happens the two nights i was there they played hard jungle tracks
all old ragga shit with amen drums
whats a fiest
and its hard trying to explain to people the difference between jungle and drum n bass =(
i usually use the simple answer (its the same shit)

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except when tech itch threw his new years party
naw its okay, smog (local dubstep peoples) usually sticks to the hard dirty shit, not the hipster shit
but yeah when they did that i love LA at the club next to LAX that one time...
like, he was setup outside on a brick patio, theres like planes landing maybe 200 yards away
omfg the bass on that brick
like, i couldnt hear the planes
shit i need to go get some weed and drop off kitty supplies
the volvo doesnt go quite that fast
ha gabber

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its drum step
so lately, drum n bass producers will take dubstep tracks, and fix them
bring it up to drum n bass bpm and fix the bass
its actually kind of cool usually, which supports my theory that i just dont like hard dirty dubstep because its fucked up slow
same thing, last year that track either meant someones set or the night was over
from like may through new years
rab: the best soundsystem in LA right now (sam XL's pure filth sound system) is almost exclusively dub step

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fuck pitz shut up
suki^[tm]: listen ^

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14:52 < macegr> renesis: minibosses are playing at the smell on saturday
macegr: THANK YOU
i seen them there before
fuck EDC
(already not going)

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