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whats that like, 6 hours, 4.5 w/ wifi?
cant you read that shit
why are you asking us youre the one turned japanese
why dont you get them an ipad!

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fail insulation
people think kapton is for that
oh hmm
haha maybe the tape it to stick some shielding on

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seravita1: old
haha we were all tripping on that a couple hours ago
but close
its pretty neat how they put it together
stackups are neat

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yeah that kind of work sounds okay
working in a shop with other people is kinda scary, like your life in other peoples hands
heard too many machinist stories like, 'i almost died when...'

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like a mill
production machine shops scare me
else i would prob be doing some sort of CNC work

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haha @ cant do rs232
comm cable into a PCMCIA slot for block streaming?
that seems scary
hes got a pick n place
its almost like a cnc
think so
had a bunch of heads flying around?

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'slow' = cheap

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theres a lot of mori seiki, no?
at westec they had the most floor space, behind haas
los angeles manufacturing trade show
some robots, but mostly machine centers, some water cutters, lots of tool vendiors (almost all of them going demos with haas vmc)
hmm i wonder if that company and the trade show are related
prob not

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more badass than lasers
wtf this is not a DRO machine
there are no guides in cnc
@ laser guidance comment

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all the other controllers ive used were pc based
i use emc2 (linux) at home
well i was going to mention the bigass 5x10 router i worked with
like a 200K machine, used a windows/dos based controller
oddly, i think it was running on xp
water cutter with bad controls is scary shit
yeah 4mm aint shit
the high pressure cutters will go through like an inch of marble like whatever

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for big VMC, ive just done haas mostly, some fadal

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like out of sculpting clay
was hanging out with exgf at her school, got bored

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then thats how long ago this happened
neat stackup
i made a ceramic 8DIP once
it broke

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i like new search results icons
stop being french
guys trader joes peach salsa sucks
windows works on the freenode, i was winwhoring it when i got everyone *.rr.com bant from #slackware
lilo had a talk with me over it
im like, wtf op, why are you talking to me, ban me
then he died

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rab: i like it!
i dont think it fits but whatever!
i did grey + orange
i had shoes like this maybe 2 years ago

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