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hahah @ submarine

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hes not using both chans?
well to disable, wire output to vin-
and put win+ to ground

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be more specific, and yes probably

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like 40 to 135
does this have to perform well?
ya pot in feedback
probably just use a better opamp
then just normal audio layout stuff
both those 10uF caps, add a 0.1uF in parallel with it
put 10uF and 0.1uF on the power rail of the opamp

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noob858: I put an old AA battery to the uv diode
if you mean without a resistor
you maybe blew the diode
but since the diode like has a forward voltage drop of over 1.5V, you prob did nothing
example of what tho
and no i never made the stack of opamp circuit pcb
so it cant exist
you cant route that?
and its a dirt cheap mic preamp
that shit has mad gain

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hard drives are manufacturing anomolies
that shit just shouldnt work

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right, and life = meaningless

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i need to drink more coffee on the weekends
trying to be awake and get more shit done
that guy needs an intervention

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take the exhaust side of the turbo and route it in front of the intake side
that way the intake will power the exhaust side and feed the intake
kbb, patenting overunity turbi
repeat if possible

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why not just use a turbocharger with more boost
i know

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just run few dozen amps through it to heat it up
no he means running a plane along side just to do forced induction

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neat @ pie

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