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helix in solidworks = 10min of google, 1min of clicking
i think avrfreak went on about this for months before giving up
tho maybe it didnt exist in that version

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3.3V LDO, 3906 for the output, resistors and red leds to drop the inputs
just need some software to push lpt, you can prob bitbang it with your mouse

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just hangout
friday morning PST is usually a good time to find him
haha 20nS
thats an awesome way of saying 6.6V will fry this chip fast
guys it has a 1uF cap, just put two diode
no wait fuckit we can odd moar parts

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if shit bugs out use less wire wtf
grang: ya sculptor prob has three, and else try #emc on irc.freenode.net
guys fuck work i want to make shit
wat ya doin

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damps ringing in long cables
that shit needs more parts
put 330pF after the 150R
oh there is an output
put another 150R in series after the 330pF on the DO line
k also put a red led and a 220R resistor in parallel with your 1uF cap
else how will it know it is alive?
150 is kind of eccentric
150 is like, everyone else uses 100 i need to look even more pro
100 will def work

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for ripple decoupling
not for HF bypass
any noise, and low energy spikes
grang: at HF an electrolytic is basically a resistor
i dont
i clean flux and take pictures and go on air planes and break shit
maybe a little bit true

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21:16 < dssence> so pin 4 goes with negative of the 1uf cap
timecop: the cap has a negative side
its 1uF
put a 10nF in parallel with it
go home, party
die timecop
back to solidworks for dollar signs
use a 5v cap
itll work better than nothing

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what i never got that shit
oh my shit is always normal
um 1oz is normal
i didnt get one of those when i ordered 2oz

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