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machine sockets suck ass for multiple insertion
because they deform to fit
and ive had dip8 come out of machined sockets
deformation for friction fit is kinda fail
hot glue

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k so leaving at 5:30 to try and make it downtown by 6:30 to get to the beginning of a line that wont move until after 8
i should have went to drum n bass
guess i can go to drum n bass tonight
it was pretty good back then

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you need to do drugs your perception is fucked
anime whore

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timecop: they turned this dumb n bass into dumbstep =D
it doesnt wubwubwubwub tho
like neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee naaaaaaaaa naaaaaaa naaaaaaa naaaaaa
timecop: u troln

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timecop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcJR107kudk
consume, change
no, listen, smile
k go now do

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why happen
crazy ME

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go xgaygreg

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macegr: i wonder if bonnie is hot
not really
her hair and those glasses totally kill it

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put a fuse

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i put in my parking ticket
and it says ticket has a balance of 0.00
i either paid it or im going to jail
blackmoon: good thinking!
avoid those late penalties

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i always did everything at least .2g high
shit like halves id throw in an extra .5 because fuckit, community service yo
yeah i never made much money...
i smoked constantly for nothing, tho =D
naw trust me some people make money, heh
job is a job
its activism sir
there is always risk involved in activist movements
macegr: do they have weed on neptune?
i used to
that shit was fun
least slinging weed you prob dont die
prob dont even go to jail
unless you steal power
they put you in jail for that =\

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kush is fucked up specific, and you can smell it, sealed in a bag, , in a tupper, in a backpack, like 20 ft away
actually alot of the mex sativa is pretty good grown correct
and anything grown with seeds will knock you out =(
THC ratio is too low
k sure
i think maybe a few times i got like .1g below
and it may have been like .05g below
and it may be because a stem fell out when i dumped it into the tray
ya no big deal
cant always find a nickel
are canadian nickels 5?
i still want a tanita
mine works, tho, $20 downtown shit
ya like im going to bust that shit out every few days
does this look like a crackhouse?
dont answer that...

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aka, the commercial weed
yeah well obviously we are a level up in our tastes
swag is swag
regs is killbud/kind/chronic/endo/badass/etc
kush isnt regs, the shit you have sounds like regs
swag is cool for joints
also at first itll get you so fucked up
if all you smoke is kind bud
you said its sensi indica
sensi = regs
saying indica is like saying female people
black people are people
so like most people, some are awesome, most are hopeless
well you call joints blunts and anything grown correctly kush
but thats okay thats what happened here too
now people just say YA THIS IS THE KUSH to sell the weed
so now everyone thinks they got the kush

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theyre better than zig zag
blunts are always awful
ill smoke them because a lot of people pass them
pi faced
guys parking tickets are fucked
are you from the midwest?
how do you know its kush
im not even quite that bad
that just means its sensi indica
kush is more than a specific strain
its clone only, so technically, og cali kush is genetically always the same, same contonuous living plant
if seeds happen, those seeds arent kush
heh i was selling the shit when it hit like 5 years ago
regs i guess
regs here means seni indica!

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blackmoon: inorite
fuck the spliff
fool a blunt is tobacco
fuck blunts
.001" rice paper ftmfw
king size
im from california
and hes from BC
we basically set the standard
blunts mean weed wrapped in cigar skins
or cigarillo skins
or tobacco paper wraps
with cough syrup flavor added
then its not a blunt
its a joint
youre just wrong
paper wraps are joints
paper wraps with topacco mixed with the weed is spliffs
tobacco wraps, either tobacco paper or tobacco leaves (cigars), are blunts
rice paper is by far the best rolling material
its as close to transparent as it gets, taste and hit
the cellulose stuff, while literally transparent, has a bit of a flavor
not as bad as zag paper, tho

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i think its neat how you can like, do them and have your balls rubbing on their butthole for like half an hour
then they will lick your balls
sex is so messy!
yeah they complain after an hour usually
then you have to do them in the butt or get them to do something else entertaining
also if you do them for an hour they maybe dont want to do it at all the next morning
heh its neat how sex goo will make them happier longer
but the lack of friction will make you go longer too
its better and worse!
really im a dick i avoid finishing on purpose because wtf it feels really good for 20 seconds then your done
fuck being done
wtf respect has not updated their flyer

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also sometimes they will just stop
kinda sucks, like you do a good job and then youre dicks not getting sucked
well your ex just sounds sucky
ya srs, kinda blows
i do much better when they just like, invite themselves over and jump on me
naw some like it
my friend was tripping because one girl was like HIT ME
hes like, wat
she didnt mean slap either like she wanted him to sock her
whatever just finish youself all over her

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ive never had a problem sticking my dick in girls mouths
like, if ive been naked with a girl, my dicks been in her mouth
oh thats diff
because its harder for them to concentrate
blackmoon: yes you want them to concentrate
like, a little teeth is whatever
kinda nice even
you dont want them to get all excited and bite down

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fuck so i grouped my 100 or so pages of courtroom paper debris by ticket
i have like six stapled piles, and i only think half are taken care of, but really im not even sure =(
fucking police

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lapd but it doesnt matter
here at least
i always get chp inspections
they suggest it at the courthouse because chp doesnt charge
West Valley (580)
5825 De Soto Ave., Woodland Hills 91367
(818) 888-0980
google is unaware wtf
did you love her?
then you are a bad person whether she is dead or not
k just kidding

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guys fuck i dont remember where to get my car inspected for fix it ticket for free
google maps doesnt seem to know there is a sheriff or chp or something down the street
naw man you can get inspected by the courthouse for money
or the chp for free
is that a diff county then you were in or what
and yeah for the court date, i think i have to go someplace in LA but you can get inspected and signed off anywhere

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nero's okay
macegr: did i tell you how when i took the korean tech to strip club, the most excited i got was when the dj played the intro to a drum n bass track
and i wanted the drop so bad
but he switched it to some house shit before it happened
and i dont know the name off the track
=( =( =(
when is this nero shit gonna drop
damn waited 3:25
oh i was distracted first time

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haha gives up and goes back to drum n bass like 1:10 in
the radio was still decent in 92

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drum n bass has rolling, droning bass
and dense drum hits
at the very least you get a jump-up, 160 bpm kick snare
most of skrillex is house =(
scary monsters and nice sprites is epic
alot of the better drum n bass acts been around that long
haha i saw marcus intallex couple weeks ago
dude looks like he should be in london playing golf
even the wubwubwub bass at faster speeds is okay

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anyway, i dig drumstep
fuck the slow shit
if you listen to shit and 150bpm=fast, your shit is weak
breaks are okay tho
some of it is really good
but all the notable dubstep acts produce house too
because all the good drum step has like 360bpm drum hits

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uhoh house
its still house
tech itch did a new years party
from 10p to 2a, was all hard tekky jungle, no mc
then ed rush did an electro set, i had to leave
kosheen: its not all house!
tho its almost all dubstep now =(
ya kinda
its supporting it too
so it sucks, last year it was like, go to a show, listen to drum n bass and dubstep
mostly dubstep
now its like, go to a show, listen to dubstep and house
jungle on the patio or something
thats a lot harder for me to deal with
and ive heard from multiple sources EDC was even more dubstep than last time
even andy c did all dubstep

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trance is what they play in rocket car?
i know
i seen it
did they break it or what
kosheen: are you actual kosheen
or part of kosheen

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from the 101 to the 10
i guess theyre taking down the mulholland bridge
originally just the weekend
but now fri through monday
and i dont think its going to end for a week
its more than the bridge
thry dont close down 11mi for the bridge, they just need to close the sepulveda pass section
and you didnt say hi, lame
so the plan to get to LA that weekend is take the 210 to the 2 and cut in from glendale
but prob just gets you stuck miles from useful offramps with all the other smart asses
ew trance

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17 is little kids
13 is slightly younger little kid
the 13 year olds prob been fucking for couple years already
some people are little kids at 21
some chicks are like 5'10" with D tits and an ass at 13
fuck breeding

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the new models are neat
nice how macegr is sugarcoating it by saying 15-17 when truth is pretty much anything with tits
where is the rotten part
did you invite them to your geeker pad
i got shit to do
what thats like 14
k so when do you put your penis inside in this story
well probably both
if you didnt do anything or even touch or say anything to them wtf you did that right why rotten

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