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because people like me can do the same work for $20k less
electronic engineering
you know, circuit design, pushing EDA apps
um, im pretty sure youre here more than me
i has the full time job now =\
because you deserve it

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changing flight?
it should be fine
unless it ends up lasting longer
or a riot starts
but friday before it closes, people are going to going nuts trying to get shit done last minute

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like, things are going to get violent, cars are going to be stranded and blocking shit, emergency services are going to be latent as fuck
grapevine is known for doing that =\
also eating people when it ices up
dude we dont know what ice is
but yeah if they dont close down until midnight, youre prob fine
itll prob be busier than normal but it should be moving
shit i should take the van nuys to LAX flyaway bus, just to see how the fuck it tries to get to LAX
Due to anticipated traffic congestion and freeway detours, we expect bus delays. Please plan accordingly and begin your trip to LAX at least 1-2 hours earlier than normal.

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im down to meet you whenever, tho
also thursday is always drum n bass
maybe a bit of drumstep, they dont even try and pull that dubstep shit
just saying
anything else is going to be dubstep and electro
theyre all important
during rush, basically everything is 110% capacity, even if its moving at 70mph, its bumper to bumper
you take out one, you overload everything else
and then shit starts breaking down

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nico: hihi
haha yeah, next weekend
might try and find a lookout spot up in the santa monica mountains to have a carmeggedon picnic
not unless i want it to, i got no business in LA
the plan, if i want to try and bust in, is to go the back way
210 east out of the valley, 2 south through glendale
but prob i just get stuck with the other smartasses
i might check out the orange line (high speed dedicated road bus) and the red line (subway from the valley to downtown)
oh yeah totally
damn you are going to be here for the freeway fuckup?
i hope youre not trying to go anywhere
people are going to be violent
when you getting in?
getting out of LAX is going to be beyond fucked
make sure your batteries are all charged up
you might be camping
damn you are screwed

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wtf 3000F are you building a power distribution station?
is the shit covered with ceramic cooling rings?
use parallel caps for lower ESR
is this shit new?
well i dunno if it being new or used is scarier
seems kinda cheap
how many volts?
ha prob like 0.5v
whats the current rating

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ha nice
abm = anti balistic missile
be cool if they did it with lasers but i think its all useless treaties

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haha rad @ http://media.digikey.com/photos/Allegro%20Microsystems/ACS756SCA-050B-PFF-T.JPG

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were waiting for you to do a writeup

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okay so really, we dont know if theres one member or two
thats what were debating
why dont you have 3 people talking about suki
why dont we ever see pitz and lordpil at the same time
look youre on efnet so its suki, k
deal with it

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oh shit pitz, looks like lordpil is angry
two members, and still drama
hahaha 2004
Suki(r), 7 years of useless trollshit

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because pitz is full of shit can we ban him again
31K results for "buddhist anarchism"
this says you are a cult based on a jp food
next three hits are urban dictionary entries, one of them for pitz
next related hit is on lordpils shell
pitz, seriously stfu
#SUKI(tm) EFnet - Chat Room on IRC
Sorry, there's no information available for the channel that you are interested in. Please be aware that your channel has to be visible for command LIST to become noticed!

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you send cookies to allah?
i think i want to be that
no not happening
got the word, theyre sending the guitar tech solo
which is project suicide, but whatever hes a yes man, theyll be happy
like sending the blind to lead the blind
the bay area guitar tech cant stand him

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haha really?
for what
half the samples from this shit sound like they come from one of timecops links

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haha so i ask my friend if he wants to go to audiotistic and read him the lineup and hes like, you know theres only two drum n bass djs on that
im like, ya thats why i said them first but im so fucking desperate for drum n bass on big sound
they prob end up playing dubstep, too (!)
that sucks did it break anything?
both jobs i been at had cheap bandsaws, the rollers were fucked, broken
well, newjob has two good ones, tho

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shit i need to do laundry today
i think i got my shit for like $350
bottom and top chest
was like right after the economy tanked, craftsman shit \o/

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ha nice, lighter cap seats
6dip saddle bags!
ohthat ones like a vespa or some shit

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1000 trillion dollar fine
or roughly three hours of minimum wage labor
he will give you 10 trillion of this fine once he gets it back
yeah non of that pressed cardboard and corrugates steel

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so i spend less save more
actually i wouldnt mind paying exgf to clean up my place
but shes not answering her phone
i shouldnt be hanging out with her anyway
she doesnt mind doing housework for $$$
if shed answer her phone, i could hook her up with business too, my friend and mom keep asking about her

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im pretending to be broke
i have a job
haha i make way more than i thought id be making a few years ago

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