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gear: you linked that hours ago
and the guy who programmed the robot sucks

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hmm some job description stuff and skill stuff is kinda redundant
oh we got it

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i didnt read it
are you sure i charge $40 an hour
wtf just a pot you just added a whole nintendo to your pot
just say pot \
smoke that shit everyday, mfkr
a-taper 100mm sliders on the weekend
okay well stop wqiring your pot like a jbass
you need to wire that shit like a pbass

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see the funny thing is thats actually true with shitty china electrolytics...
i just smoke bourns plastic
fuck that taiwann alpha carbon
just clogs up your pipe
so youre basically on the edge of psychotic
its okay, psychotic isnt always as bad as they make it out in the movie
you can be a happy friendly psychotic
do the math and tell us
shit is probably like 1v core
it prob plugs into 5 sockets
rounds to 1v

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i believe it 1000% =)
haha you didnt know?
3rd hit for 'timecop gpl'
hes needs someone to hook him up

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haha lm358, specs 3mV in the 1st page bullet points, only specs 10mV max in the specs table
dont come here
you walk around acting like timecop, youll get shot in the face by the end of the week
thats why he had to go to a place thats exceeding polite instead of going to the real world
what you mentioned before sounds good =)

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she got another job
oh hey my friends friend got a job where you are i think
damn i dont think i know how to spell ethiopian
gear: ms paint, or a sharpie on your scanner, imgur.com

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i dunno
for what
is this for audio shit or what?
do you care about quality?
nico: send resume to gmail or work mail or what
ha why are they leaving

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standard opamps dont do high speed
heh @ opamp layout consideration
its laziness
star ground whenever possible
kill any possible loops
current will race around and not really do anything
but it can couple signal and noise from one part of the board to another
or magnetic fields
put your feedback resistors as close to the chip as possible
it should be within 1mm

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blackmoon: that code is horrible =\
shit should come straight down
it comes out sideways
because it would break the knife tip or the knife would fall out in wood
srsly its shit code wtf

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