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i think there is a way to not connect, per trace, or some shit
no thats right
i will star ground through ground planes if i can do it well
he just bus grounded
i use it a ton to troubleshoot pcb or write docs
not so much design
sometimes it makes me want eagle
its kinda slow
shit im late bbl
no dubstep tonight mr mau5
tonight drum n bass and drumstep

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man that shit is bus grounded like a mfkr
you got islands
what is that shit all in a row on the left
you route pcb like a chinese dude
k when i said star ground to your psu caps
thats not what i meant
i know diptrace is ass
because he did it right
no thats a grounded trace
pin 1 R1 you just looped your ground bus through your ground plane
thats art mfkr
im sry mr isl but your pcb does not yet have 'the look'
but dont worry because half of timecops finished pcbs dont really have the look

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wtf project manager at school?
i thought that link was about real project managers...
hmm no this shit is useless

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nico: have a safe trip!
oh, right damn you leave on a thur
partying partying

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