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haha, courage
and either flat or ultra spikey
and if youre looking at full spectrum, everything is on the left edge
im out of orange juice

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haha @ seeing audio shit on non log-log scales
shit just looks wrong

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the dip after is weirder
stupid ear drum = coupling capacitor
stealing all our bass
haha could make like, linkwitz-riley transform earplug/mic/tiny-subwoofer things
eq out the dip

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The article also comments on the large differences apparent in the low-frequency region, which remain unexplained. Possible explanations are:
fools, its because bass didnt exist in the 30s

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is that some sort of industry standard?
youre going to have to quote some random numbers and letters for that to be credible
haha the troll agrees
of course
pretty sure in this context its the instantaneous speed of the wave
so basically your slope on a v/time plot

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so time and magnitude of voltage
you are a troll
but whatever im going to explain a spectrograph and you can say yesy or no or whatever
x is time, y is freq, and z is amplitude
and it looks sooooo fucking cool
you can see the music
like the different notes, the attack and decay times
the harmonics in the tones
i <3 spectrograph
the foobar2000 one doesnt go all the way down =(
yes @ volume, no @ velocity
ureafox: naw i dont even get to do that at newjob

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dB is just a ratio in log form
and the 1/time scale is log because thats basically how we hear
yeah what bruce said
hey im pro
oh shit
do you mean a spectrograph?
i love that shit
thats just the waveform

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oh i said that just in response to the anarchy thing
its the truth
or finance department cubicle

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because yeah all these problems are from putting value in paper and drawing invisible lines in dirt
im not quite convinced ownership is a bad concept...
so i guess really im not like, full retard
i wonder if industry stopped using gold, how much its value would eat it
yeah whats the ratio
if industry just falls apart and no one has money to buy jewelry how fucked does it become
hmm so only the miner is affected
poor unemployed miner
yeah but paper currency enabled that
pretty much everything you mentioned

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so yeah, making money forever and selling for less, basically means you have to cut your costs to zero to survive
which isnt possible
nuh uh
there is resources on other planets.
we can expand this fuckup longer
and we will because rich people have families that they love and they dont want them to die and they want to keep being rich
hey anarchy would be awesome
but prob all the anarchists fuck it up

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because investors were told they were going to make money
ao basically everything crumbles every few years
and then a bunch of companies eat other companies and now there is market to grow into again
its not stable
your whole system of government and finance is a complete ripoff
sucks huh, but fuckit you get to make shit!
incubus: it works the same on the marketing side
there is constantly the need to make it cheaper to be more competitive
until youre selling so much you dont have enough to even make what youre selling
so thats when factories and engineering departments go away, overseas and contacted

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incubus: how do you think they are making shit tons of money!
development does not make you money
cisco just isnt cool enough
strictly for the geeks

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23:02 < incubus> I feel like I'm working with inadequate people sometimes...
incubus: like, good engineers are expensive!
why hire good ons if you can hire cheap ones!
okay well i seem to be some sort of exception
my guess is most EE dont smoke enough weed
thats just how shit is my industry
its cheaper that way
it makes mad sense on a piece of paper
also in ms excel
but yeah, cold war ends, less money for school and engineers, manufacturing and now engineering moving overseas
its capitalisms fault really
unless youre like, chinese
then capitsalism is AWESOME
all our reqs went away
like double secret style over 6 months

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yeah but there will be more!
hey i bet there are even managers who dont want there to be any project failures!
so and so knows!
yeah he left last year
=( =( =(
basically yeah
you can only give a shit so much
what if it was also guitar
thats when things get really stupid...

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eject or lower your shoulder and lean into it
are you colocated with the engineers?
will they answer your questions?
im basically a manufacturing and sustaining engineer =\
to make it known they arent answering questions regarding their own design
if you want to know 'why'
well, remember he prob didnt get to design what he wanted
there was probably a schedule that was tighter than anybody wanted
theres prob an email chain!
haha if its a drawing on some notebook paper sitting in some machine shops job folder
dude it happens
has the design made money?
do you like having a job?
i dont see the problem

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end of the world is gonna rawk
ones who can solder and ones who cant
and im a tech, its my job to be like, that wont work
i dont even have to give a reason!
yeah ill do that but they dont have to listen to me =)
incubus: when the decisions are being made about what to do, make sure its known you disagree if you do, or you have another idea, or whatever
once the decision is made, dont bitch
just go with the plan

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heh, irl the networks are like, RLC from every input and output combination, for the leads themselves, for some internal junk you maybe didnt even knob about
and hidden inside is the symbol for your fundamental reactive value or the active part
can you solder?
youll be ok
two types of ee =D
man when those guys cant solder...
dunno thats normal

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right so why do youthink there will be lots of this in textbooks?
get a current source, set its control to random, put a cap with all its parasitics modeled, hit run
there are textbook models of non ideal caps
textbooks usually dont get very deep into what type of caps will have what effect on what type of circuits
that shit changes all the time
a book from 15 years ago with specific part numbers starts to look dated

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im sure its better than nothing
22:33 < incubus> that is, use caps with at least 2 orders of magnitude difference
you do that anyway just to spread out your effective range
incubus: do you really need a textbook for this shit?

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wekk amazon search for that shit
looks like there is 36
well here look
at the end of all your research, youre going to come to thi conclusion
.1uF is illogically cheap in many forms
use lots, everywhere, for almost no reason
when you really care, 1nF is as cheap
so you put a 1nF next to the .1uF

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either just describes how a cap works
they decouple, they bypass
caps decouple, caps bypass, decoupling i used more when talking about psu ripple, bypass is used more when talking about ESD/EMI resistance
but i think it has to do more with terminology used during the era this shit was new than with strict academic rules about it
yah it pulls the ac off the dc, it decouples it'
but you can just as easily say it decouple the noise from the IC power pin
it decoupled the spike energy from the rail
engineers argue about everything
thats their job
peer review mfkr

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hint: electrolytics are basically resistors at that speed
big ones
its just kind of implied by like, how the shit works
incubus: nothing, its terminology, decoupling is usually used when talking about ripple
bypass is used more to describe shunting noise and spike voltages

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or depopulate all the useless shit like bypass caps and protection devices
measure voltage across a sense resistor in your circuit

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only small companies will have products based around an engineers vision
many tech companies start like that, how they build their reputation
but shit gets big enough and they get salesman
then everything sucks
then accountants happen
and now you cant find your factory
like one day the downstairs is empty and the parking lot too
brucel: actually the accountants dont know shit about that
its the factories will find the cheaper part
they will do the research for you!
sometimes they wont tell you =(
sometimes their distributor doesnt tell them!

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least we dont have to deal with tooling costs so much
because he designed it
you didnt put in a diode bridge
you didnt put an indicator
no seriously those are real problems
incubus: it wasnt in the TRD
because it wasnt in the PRD
really its always marketings fault
because engineers are mfkn samurai
they never fuck up ever
incubus: products requirements doc
incubus: product requirements doc
the marketing people write it
its their set of features and specs
itll have a lot of marketing crap bullshit too
how this product will take over the world
then engineers have to turn this into a TRD
which is a technical requirements doc
this is like, marketing and engineering managers working together
obviously they are agreeing on a lot of shit...

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even small amounts of air movement can be huge
compared to just being an oven
anyway this will probably bomfuck you
electronics will be like $20 and the cooling system will be like $100
$20, $600, whatever same shit
no idea i dont drill shit
its not all sand
yeah but thats just the active parts
everything else is other stuff
yeah almost everything that goes wrong is mechanical...
or thermal
which is kinda mechanical too, even if its our fault

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assembly and rework of 0402 sucks
0603 is pretty easy tho
because thats not in the contract
its because it would break way more

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oh like ceramic caps?
what values
yeah little stuff you can get higher
but id be surprised if you could find a 150C cap
and even if you could, thatd be the max spec and itd have a limited number of hours attached
200C and its prob like 10pF
33nF isnt that small thats way impressive
well running shit at 150C is usually bad
might want to let the engineers at your job know this

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but what if you cant deal with the cap latency
oh you guys just mean bypass caps
no i dont think so
hey thats like normal for audio amps =\
and low cost psu
incubus: 105C is standard uprated caps
i think you can get them slightly higher for a huge price increase
i hate smd caps

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@ tektronix stamped ICs and speacial package passive parts

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blackmoon: haha like the threaded hole is at an angle or something?
its prob 1/4w through hole resistors?
and youre just rebuilding one and its your own?
mfkr its 2011, just use all 1% are you poor like a mfkr or what
does yours have a DSO section?
hes just going to replace everything
is it a digital tek?
with the vector video output?
mines a 2230 has a vector DSO
k its prob not the resistors
unless someone burnt some input circuit resistors
then just change those

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because of the voltage and power in dB form relationship
this conversation has gotten way to academic
the guy making money already adjusted his transmission line load and went home

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the extra ports are reflected or lost energy or what

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if you were inputting peak or instantaneous/absolute voltage, you would get peak or instantaneous/absolute power
someone said it was an rms voltage
means your answer is in rms
guys my garbage disposal stopped working
things might get smelly
i dont even know what an s-factor is
or s-parameter
sounds like some comic book shit
right so i prob did shit with it in my RF voodoo training
which pretty much blew me away, like i didn;t retain a ton of it

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none of that confusing shit matters if youre just looking for averages of full cycles
if youre looking for averages of like, 10024.6 cycles, well then go f yourself
people dont get those things!
21:04 < incubus> V^2/R is instantaneous power
youre inputting an average voltage
so you get an average power

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you mean average power?
or power at a given point?
what is your other given parameter
well you have the voltage amplitude of a sine
and what else
v^2/r will give you average power
frequency doesnt matter unless the load is reactive

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alot of that stuff is just for dev

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= contract manufacturing

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nico made it through the traffic
heh because its basically nonexistant
its the weekend
traffic is always unpredictable
if they fuck up the construction work and it goes into monday, LA maybe dies
if not prob nothing exciting happens

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cheater_: uh its wood
like, wtf do you have a knife?
guitar amp speakers are usually made to be loaded in opan cabs
so difficulty of design is like, zero
the cab isnt loaded by the driver, as long as the baffle is tough enough it doesnt shred (it would prob take 5 years at guitar frequencies anyway), like, just do whatever
reza_: maybe
solder 100k resistors in parallel
rework ftmfw
it prob is youre either just missing it or its in another doc
rework them on
put them on top of the chip, blue wire to the VCC pins

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the page with all the equations
haha in the datasheet they call it Ipk(switch)
because the absolute max switch current is 1.5A
2.4 > 1.5

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ISW Switch current 1.5 A
you blew up the vreg
you tell me
link to your schematic/calculations image?
nm i found it
Ipk = 2.4A
those calculations come from the datasheet
it explains them

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its not switching that fast
you just want lots of copper for cooling
use a cap?
you blew up your vreg
im pretty sure
link me to the datasheet

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time for panera w/ other hacker

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same datasheet as i linked
its at 25C
the 5A one is 4A at 70C
but yeah 5A @ 25C is pretty mind blowing, that cant be very old
vregs have output switches
on a linear regulator, it doesnt matter so much what kind you use
on a switcher, you want an ideal switch to decrease power loss
so a mosfet is obvious choice
because BJT will have at least a .6V drop, * current is your power loss
a darlington, like in some mc34063 configurations, is a 1V drop
a good mosfet basically wont have a voltage drop
low rds(on)
you only eat power during transition
so you have to keep slew rates very high

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prob 5A for like 500uS
youre going to feedback reg with an adc or what?
hmm no i dont even know why you assumed that
4A @ Ta=70C
haha 31A pulsed

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monkeyisl: that chip is from the late 70s
its easy and cheap but its not very efficient
like, its available in dip
thats probably its biggest benefit
simple switchers are $$$
i think just because of the online design tool
but yeah for 5v fixed buck, theres prob tons of available shit
tc prob has something in his bins, troll him
how much current?
i think mc34063 is 1A+ switch, thats its other big benefit

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