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matrix resins for cf and fiberglass is death

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i dont like a lot of those tapping fluids
the water soluble stuff i have doesnt really have much of a smell
yeah i dont huff the shit
iso alc prob isnt very bad to inhale

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ive had chem teachers do that with amonia
i kinda like it
also there is that tip tinner stuff, tons of ammonia smell, i kinda like it, like gasoline smell
sharpie smell, spray paint smell
too many smog alert days out on the playground is prob bad for kids =\
you dont like gasoline smell?
what about iso alc
i <3 iso alc smell
wtf rly?

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okay i need socks
yeah i dont have a gun because getting one is pretty much accepting you are going to kill people
not that there is anything wrong with that, its just not my thing

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