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hacked``: how big

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penne pasta or spaghetti
i have to pick soon

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dx^: mfkr

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is 2w going to do much?

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readerror: http://cgi.ebay.com/DIY-CNC-PLASMA-ROUTER-GANTRY-KIT-NEMA-23-COMPATIBLE-/150624816553#ht_3457wt_1149
some shit like that scaled to whatever size you need
that looks like you have to add steppers, gears and racks, besides the steel tubes
well, moving a big table around has issues, too
nice it has steppers on both sides
i dont know if i should be impressed or afraid

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im not selling him shit
i got that shit
inittab: lasers, pewpewpew
what you need is so light duty tho, its something you could make yourself

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open loop step
less tolerant of faults
accuracy should be the same, machine just has no idea if a step was skipped or the motors locked up
you can wire limit switches to interface with parport easy enough'
gecko makes cheap servo drives
hardware PID handling, theyre driven like step motor drivers
i bought my shit fuck building a cnc
i machine lots of aluminum, do pretty fine engraving type work, route thin steel panels
no idea
because you just need an XY table really
desktop sec
k explain yourself

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2x3' kinda can go either way, but thats a pretty big table to move around
get something with a parport and...
o gawd
so what
almost every mobo has a breakout for it
usb is higher latency
initab is the president of mensa dont listen to him
yeah i have one
i bought a parport pci card to take the slot mount connector dongle
to plug into my mobo
was like $12, didnt even need the card =(
yeah i have a taig and a 3/4 functional xylotex step driver
use emc2 on ubuntu to control it
dunno maybe
i get less cheap as the years go by, heh
how much is superflickr

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how big
you broke your wings?
its a waste of machine
readerror: you could just mount the laser to the headstock
its a waste of the rigidity and power in a normal machine center

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i bet they work fine for 24 hours of hard use at 25C ambient
blackmoon: ! !
is new vegas worth playing through?
ive gotten a character maybe like 6 hours in, was okay i guess, didnt get deep into everything

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kevtris: put a photo diode on it and make it automatic

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could lose one of those in the carpet, never see it again
stop leaving shit out
do you live in 1954 or something?
dunno just takes a few guys and a truck
cant you lock it up somehow?
whats a ski press
oh damn

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zuma kinda sucks, just a big flat sandy beach with too many people

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oh shit are you here?
and yeah it has nice parts
have you been to any beaches yet?
incubus: shrug
its like home, we has everything
i should get out more
LA is big so its like that here a lot
nico: venice beach is kinda cool to see at least once, but i highly recommend driving up pch towards county line
going to el matador or leo carillo

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shit i should buy audiotistic tickets

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wi5th or without motor
thats cheating!
you has to keep doing it until youre not tired anymore

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fucked up
need to find lunch

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