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an analog source for the enable pin
or pwm pin
or whatever they call it

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did you want the battery and driver and monitor electronics build in, or like dongled
some sort of handle on a fansink would be cool
the stroboscope LED lamd i did was just mounted to a heatsink with no handle
got dropped, lenses broke off LEDs =(
*built in
heh they still work
with the exposed dies

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what are you using for the body?
electric tape!
if you want to do something in aluminum that can be machining on a 3 axis cnc, can prob help you with that
psu and driver?
woah cool
this is the 100W/30V thing?
how are you cooling it?

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most of us charge $40 an hour
man im hungry
got to get to those work cheezits bbl

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its a cap that uses ceramic as the dialectric insulation
oh i guess its spelled dielectric, WHATEVER
pretty much

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