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just another day
tell them to send a Part Approval Form sample, sign the shit, add Counterfeit to the Approved Manufacturers List for that P/N

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ive done both

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pro-co sound, inc. kalamazoo, michigan u.s.a. the baddest box for the baddest axe rev. L (haha)
brought to you by the master of the universe - the rat
softies handle it, we just use it

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this thing clips about 2V
prob a bit
its a knob to turn your shit into square waves
and another knob to smooth the square waves
they sound awesome
i dunno if all proco rats are LED clippers
they dont break out the leds to a panel
i reversed a turbo rat
theres like least 3 other versions of it
funny PCB, says shit about being design by the overlord of the galaxy, sir rat
or some shit
we have software and effects processors that will let you make your own models presets
i dont really fuck with that shit
there is software to fuck with our guitars like that ive never even seen it
its just codec audio IO and a dsp with a microcontroller to handle UI elements and tell the dsp what its supposed to be doing

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Classic Distortion - Angry and aggressive, Classic Distortion is inspired by* a ProCo Rat.
(i took mine apart to reverse the circuit and it never made it all the back together, then i ganked its 9V battery dongle)
overdrive distortion - adjustable gain buffer amp driving parallel inverted LEDs through a resistor to clip
filter - a jfet follower output with an adjustable RC in front of it
then volume is output through a 100K pot\
which is typical for a stomp box, but ass in general
its a clipper into a filter into a jfet output buffer
and Ge diodes are just earlier clip

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no this is just like, 100+ pedals in one pedal
no recursion
the big one has like, 3 active stompers per display, 3 display/ui sets, up and down stomps to step through 'scenes' (i guess stomp type and config presets)
this one just has an on/off stomp and a tap stomp to set delay timings (hold down for tuner!)

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got one today =D
its an effects pedal that you can turn into almost any other effects pedal!
its the cheap one it only does one effect at a time
the next one up does three i think, the high end one will do like 12 effects at once, has like 15 stomp buttons
shit is to big you can beat up thugs in alleys with it
wats inception pedal

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