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its win 7
i had to click close to get it to stop dinging at me so i could hit finish
i think because i alt tabbed out of its full screen installer bullshit
thats opression, yo
cant take over my screen
that started fast

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timecop: change log says it has a sim for one of the controllers
debug before you have hardware '
installer is fuckin up

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wtf bitching i was pretty impressed
and wtf lunch is like $6-12 here
well then what
im not defending my countries finances or growth
im not paying shipping just for that

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then i dunno i prob get something else gets old finding serial cables
bigheaded mfkrs
dude look at the fucking graphs
you have stabilized
you have kinda hit a resonance
no because he got the wars and the bad economy deal
he snuck in a new war tho

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so this shit is $10
like, shipping is $10
i havent even looked
i usually get bigger boxes
i dunno if you know you just made a joke
fuckin slow st site is slow
nice acronym
wait i totally need a soldering iron and an idc cable and some header
im going to do my stk500 pullup resistor led current limiting hack

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timecop: Possible separation point
haha like, yeah it might break here if you try and snap it in half. maybe

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19:51 -!- cheater was kicked from #electronics by Leptons [Banned: requested]
haha i have no idea what that is about
i am not so concerned

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if you mean electrolytics, those are nice caps
thats still a decent cap
cheap with a datasheet = profit

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figure out what gets hot, check datasheet makes sure the design doesnt have it at the edge of its specs, learn thermal resistance math if you dont know it
then check all the parts around it
then recommend low esr caps
just because its better, 105C ones for sure
nico: amigo
and damn at 125C caps

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its load dependent
same load, same type of load?
doesnt matter its proportional
is one is doing 2mA and the other is doing 40mA thats a huge diff
isolate the supply and throw resistors, same type and value, across both
cut traces, lift pins!
if the load is reactive you might have overshoot and drop outs
well good luck

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how else do you learn analog for real
audio is into everything now
well yeah math is the language
naw, audio is a lot of switch mode power supplies, and then most of the work is above 20Hz
the shit that takes time, filtering out HF with out causing oscillations or weird peaks in noise
reject switching power supply bullshit
getting your shit across low cost wireless links
pushing noise and distortion down below levels that just arent neccessary for most digital and control environments
all the control and dsp shit
and H bridges
then you get into microstepping (chopping)
the ripply?
just put more caps
no thats right thats pretty much what ripple will look like

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no, thats why its in the topic
timecop: so you need a soft step/dir interface
its a channel of scientific minded trolls
then its like, timecode this and spit it over usb
because he finishes projects
and he seems to have the capability to learn
yeah that sucks thats a shitty excuse, thats my excuse
just trollin back at ya
since job
i never considered it a hobby, and now im like, employable, making like 2x the money i thought i would be few years ago
electronics is life
also bass

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i need low latency
yeah have fun timing that and racing buffers forever
that shit works
okay fine
so are you going to make it or do i have to
its not like its even hard conceptually
usb to step/servo
yeah but you have to be able to feed it code and never have it fall behind
or any kind of interruption to the pc
like, the competition would be in buffer sizes, most likely
so it prob ends up being a compression thing
you have this much ram for proedures, which fits this many step or vector instructions

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fuck how do you deselect dir lists in win 7 explorer
i just want to paste mfkr wtf
oh that works
thats lame why cant i just click open space anymore =(
know anything about its asm code?
well i that case i might as well start in c
it works
i saw
that router looked neat
but its not really for precision, wont be good for like, PCB or stencils
it needs realtime
windows realtime is a hack
dude i can firefox and open pdf and do whatever while im running cnc cycles
it wont skip steps
it wont dwell
who cares
i dont need data throughput

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i need to do some controller shit soon or im going to dry up and die
what do you code in
what ide
it have simulator?
fuck waiting for hardware
so it doesnt have sim
how do you interface it for debug
how does it display
waiting for chips to show up, waiting for hardware to design itself, etc
so you cant see the state of every reg
its just a text dump, or its got a tree view, what
dammit youre going to make me download shit
thats cool
how much for their low end dev board/programmer
haha stfu
who is it from?
oem i mean from st
first bongrip in months through my own hardware

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its not four to the floor
besides that its like the definition of rythm
brushless or what
dunno sounds like a typical uC
isnt xmega 8b
link to digikey or i dont care

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wtf @ no rythm

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monkeyisl: ltspice ftmfw
set to 720p, turn sub up

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hey thanks for proving im right
actually yeah do what TC says
okay im sorry
if you cant convert mille to micro to nano to pico, youre a loser
end of discussion
you fail at engineering
then you dont need the second link
you wish
which is sad
its .022uF
or 22000pF
like i said, if you cant convert that shit in your brain you fail at engineering
and fuck calc.exe
wonder if they fixed powertoy calc for win7 yet

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47.0K might be
just because you can buy it in 1% doesnt mean its a proper 1% value
4.64 4.75
its e24 maybe
those are e96 values
is valid e24
i know
its not a 1% e96 value tho
its a hack
49.9K is hella common
is in analog
digital nothing matters
could just dump your bins out onto a pcb and just solder the nearest resistor to any pad has an R* label and it prob works
4.99 is half os 10.0 and double 2.49
its common as fuck

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thats max gain of 40dB, thats a bit high
well, higher even
no do mono but with two gain blocks
MLCC is microphonic
which may not be a big deal in many designs, but besides that SMD is more ideal
um because theyre ripping you off
because TH is acceptable
because theyre old
because thats what was in their bins
i would change R2 to like 50K
monkeyisl: yeah basically, socketed dip is popular because opamp swap is easy effective upgrade
yeah thats a must
who the fuck buys 5% anymore
anyway its not critical anything will work
but you want it to be larger than the amps input resistor
and your running like a 2.5K input impedance with R2 and R3 in parallel
hard to explain, but to an ac signal those resistors are basically in parallel
timecop: 47K is absolutely not a 1% value =)

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gain is huge
output impedance is high
bias scheme is fucked
whats your source and destination
what connects to the input and output jacks?
standard audio devices?
C4 should be on the other side of the R2/C5 node
youre injecting DC onto your sources output
change R8 to 100R
with 10K input impedance on your destination, you cut your output level by 1/3 with that value
consider using both opamps
and breaking up the gain into two stages

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15:26 < monkeyisl> renesis : BEEP
ya probably
i kinda want real amps for my automobile

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