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my fallout crashed

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also your linear vreg has a big cap after it so you should prob put a 4148 diode across it
also you should sprinkle your VDD with 0.1uF

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pay bills or do laundry or play fallout
ya probably
monkeyisl: dont do your oscillator circuit like that
it looks like you did it wrong even when you did it right
put the caps on the crystal
not just floating in outer space
you dx'd

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and tc
dx hurt me with those stub diagrams

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so put a resistor from signal to VSS
you have an array of random antenna and caps on the breadboard
so like random shit in the air is pumping the cap up and dumping it out
and youre spraying the faggot word like a closet homo lately
what do you mean 5sec and still on
its floating it can do whatever it wants
right because the gate cap is charged
that just might stay there forever

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ya she has a bf, which is kind of fucked because shes happy cleaning for like half as much as normal cleaning people
fast too
in what situation
and the answer is yes
you need to buy some to92s fool
(gate cap)

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haha one from last month from years ago

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for who
dunno i would keep shopping, that doesnt even have any curves that chip is a scam!
buy more than one and listen to them
me when
im buying lunch and get quarters
which one

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looks like it has a compressor built in
the signal
instead of letting it clip, itll either limit the peaks and softclip or it just reduces the gain until it stops hitting the clip threshhold
haha @ increase spl with no distortion
well it prob wont fail, it just wont sound very good
what are you driving anyway

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it doesnt even spec it at 4R at 1%, heh
5% what
is that like R_speaker
prob just the speaker impedance i was asking you
it gets 1W 1% 8ohms Vdd=4.2V at 1KHz
ac characteristics
they dont even spec 4R 1% THD 1KHz distortion

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it told you to do something and youre not going to do it?
sculptor: thats no good for audio im pretty sure
at 10% THD

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The LM48824 integrates a high efficiency step down (buck)
DC-DC switching regulator with a ground reference headphone amplifier.
haha cooool

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prob the majority of commercial applications, audio is a secondary consideration, user wont care or know any better, and reels of lm386 still exist
it says its class-g

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all channels in parallel through 2R or something
thats prob wont work at like 6V or whatever, tho
and its bigger
Low distortion: 0.2% (AV = 20, VS = 6V, RL
= 8., PO =
125mW, f = 1kHz)
hahaha @ 0.2% = low distortion
yeah but they cost money and usually want external parts
theyre horrible in cell phones

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whats wrong with lm386
damn thats not so cheap
whatever theres a lot of shit where cost matters more than audio specs
well right but if noise doesnt matter
maybe your feeding threshold detectors for limiters, or led level meters, or unimportant shit
maybe you just dont give a fuck about the headphones
for how much power?

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