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timecop: y
but do it anyway
because if you press down on the chip it can bend all the leads and short them
whatever i told you to do it
im late for cat

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theyre fucking polarizing something polar

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marijuana is not illegal
hey thats mean

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im pretty good at english, i fail hard at spanish

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flexing = failcore
tho i guess if the pads are big enough
if the boards flex it maybe pulls up a pad or rips vias
prob have to be ridiculous amount of flex
or consistent
catastrophic dissassembly event
some of these things are like made out of nothing, prob someone tries to use it as a stressed member of the chassis

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wtf 200ms
ha thats weird the stuff ive worked on is hall + optical

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isnt standard dmx over xlr
its not powered
why dont you have two connectors
one thats vcc/gnd and the other dmx+/dmx-/gnd
so you can break that out to a standard xlr jack
then use a 5 pin
i gave reasons, and they were awesome reasons
k i gotta go

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did you steal their idea for maximum profit

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right angle, slightly rotated = shorted
you dont want to have to talk to those people on the phone
like, you design something and go 'hey fuck people stupid enough to...'
then like a year later your getting bitched at for running up customer services department budget
because theyre drs
because someone is dying man
heheh i wonder was it really a dremel or they used like, medical rotary tools

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hey man shit works
`nico: k maybe

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dont use the max led current
use 20% less
`nico: diode+fuse ftw
`nico: leakage current?
you put it from input to gnd reverse biased
thats why +fuse
vcc ---|<---- gnd
rest of the circuit goes someplace else

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monkeyisl: fool you need to start taking images of penbcil drawings
you suck at ms paint
also are you fucking mad
esploded diode
you need some resistors
expect latency
yeah wat
for shit thats 10A you can just use a diode

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