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spectrograph is ++
with brightness as Z (i dont like 3d waterfall diagrams so much)
urmom is heavy as shit
ok that was mean sry
no pinching

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also mostly they stay out the jungle areas, our music is much to confusing it hurts their ebrains
i guess
if part of the goal is to do shit in c
without bitching and doing it live in asm
rab: im just enjoying being defensive
oh no thats much to big
also i want to do some simple audio shit
i just want to do my own fucking projects
i get all my ICs in 12ax7 envelopes
also a liar
tho yeah i kind of want to build a 12ax7 preamp
because im always talking shit like, 'tubes are for preamps. bitches.'
why i wouldnt have a 9000 px display
tho i guess you lose a lot when it log scales
spectrum analyzer is kinda meh

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also hi
`nico: ak1200 last night, pretty hard set
no live
i have to ask machete if they record the sets
i want the odi set from earlier this year
they do sets on dnbradio on wed night
sometimes the headliner from thur night will stream with them, otherwise its residents
i might order an stm8
i <3 their chipamps
see the prob with that image is she doesnt look that ugly
timecop: maybe just do simple volume/balance controller
like, codec + mcu
pot and maybe level meter
plur is like a raver thing, its not junglist specific

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