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what sitcom
January 1994 to July 1995

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seravitae: ha wtf
this is easily the best thing hes ever done
which is maybe really sad

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yeah his dog has a bad brain
so you have to go way up in the mountains to see a dr who can give him a new brain
hes a cyberdog, his brain is in a glass dome
you have to get a brain from another dog, so i got an exceptional one from this fiend lady who i also happened to have a bounty for

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i have a chick from brotherhood of steel with me
shes goofy i <3 her
i got her a new powerfist
i have the kings dog, too
i got him a newbrain

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oh damn its 1a
failout new vegas is pretty ok \

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why are you bant
and yeah i dont have mods yet
i have the dlc stuff but im not playing it yet
i finally got on the NCR's enemies bad side, so now i get to finish bunch of quests required fucking them up

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embrace the equalization of the worlds standard of living
i could clean up and do laundry
or i can progress further into failout in vegas

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i kind of want to redo the dds + adsr thing i did few years ago
monkeyisl: its midi input so yeah
monkeyisl: what through hole diode
you mean D1
thats not TH
thats an smd 4148 most likely, prob cheapest diode ever

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because theyre cheap, i dunno
but its just atmega to a dac, pretty cool board
thats hella pro
its a synth

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wunderground says my bird is fucked, no rain
oh neat
no mounting holes
what a mfkr

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kid has good aim
so rain saves birds

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cg people are real people too monkeyisl
o damn i hit a bird with my volvo yesterday
like two of them on the road and they go to fly away and one lags
i know!
i look in my rear view and bird is like, rolling in the street + feathers in the air
like wtf they always get out of the way
why i cant fix the bird
by killing this slow bird i actually help make sure future birds are genetically capable of recognizing a volvo and getting the fuck out of the way
no it doesnt
learn english
sculptor: srs wtf

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o damn thats pretty serious
thats it?
thats pretty good

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is that place still melting or what
thats from an hour ago
Half of Japan.s rice is grown within range of emissions from the crippled nuclear plant, and farmers are awaiting the results of tests before harvesting begins this month.
thats not good
dont laugh tc has to eat that rice!

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i need to get rid of my couches
has monkey failed to fail yet
hey you guys got some cool murals about that
i think i was there for that

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what are you using on the device side?
for usb
libs for the micro?
and yeah hid is great, should work on any os
oh thats cool they give you both sides

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you keep saying that like you are propositioning me or something
no monkey you do not have an american fuck budy if i go back to korea
twice last year
stayed in bupyeong the first time (mad max beer bar, ya!)
and um, that place by china town
in incheon, ive only went to seoul once
can you hand solder it, is prob a better question
flux the pads, tin corner to tack solder, drag tinned tip across all pin

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hahah @ .012 pitch
i bet it exists, maybe offset two rows of .024
my gigabeat has something like that

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