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its timecop...

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wtf it is like almost 2012 and im looking for quarters
just leave it!

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that plus gcc drama took up too much time
doesnt st have some ide
oh bastards

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but its kind of what they sold avr32 as
a upscaled avr
but it wasnt
sam7 is the deal
yeah but thats huge!
look at all the pins!
you can control so much drama with all those pins
rab: im not sure the core was even the same architecture
haha that shit was awesome

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i want to start programming in c and i dont think i will on avr
this thing is totally build for higher level stuff
120mhz, neat
is 20mhz still on fire in the avr world?
er 24
wtf is avr32
do they still make those?

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swim pin is debug?
you can use it as gpio too, tho
thats cool
= can do hd flash

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and a flag reg

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its an accumulator, two ram pointers, and a long program counter
and it looks like a flag reg
its totally mem/prom oriented
its an anti-avr haha
page 23
it doesnt really have working registers
it has two mem pointers, a single working registers, and a prom pointer
three mem pointers has dedicated stack

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okay so far this thing seems to not suck
wtf because i dont need a bootloader taking up cycles
what if my shit has to be like OMG POWERUP SAVE WORLD
oh its fused even, neat
how many registers does this thing have
so what cant you just be like reg = stuff
for super really fast voodoo
trip out

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debugwire is kinda the same shit?
but yeah it looks neat
possibly probably
because it uses reset line and i dont think you can decouple reset and use debugwire
or something
i used it like once and then didnt care
that does what
can i turn that shit off

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i bet each of those cabinets is like $4k
i guess thats just half of fucked up

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i should get little containers for my tool chest
guys i dont want to do laundry i just want to play failout
i have a topchest and bottom chest
i could fit tons of parts
i think most of my hand tools i could fit in the bottom two drawers
do you work for the government or something who buys that shit

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i am trying to click on the beatdown but nothing is happening
and its hitting me with strange music
so like, its a fucked line
will call will be a few hundred people long
but the last two times ive managed to just walk in behind some hyper social friends without a ticket
im not sure it would be worth waiting in a line for two hours
yeah dunno i think i paid $50 last time
drinks are ridiculous, like $5 water and $7 beer
its not so bad
thats where the guitar tech has all the guitar junk organized

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yeah fuck that
just write the value on the tape
cut into strips of like 50
bin the strips
k have to start laundry
actually this is an awesome excuse to stay up late and get my failout fix
guys guys yesterday at the beginning i had like 2000 bottle caps and a cyberdog
at the end i has like almost 40K bottlecaps and a brotherhood of steel chick
rab: its at the music box

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it is soft
it warps
the sides all flex inward in the center
on everything, the frame, the bins
yeah i dunno where to get those exactly
lowes has odd hardware in those, too
bin drawers does not work
he means the drawers that slide out and there is dividers inside
they put the part images on the front edge of the drawer, theyre like 3 or 4" deep
person doesnt use that thats all new shit
theyre all bubble packed
so even small parts are big
i have some of those with clear lids

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i bet if you wave money at them they will sell them to you, just dump the electronics in the trash
akromills? i think is the kickass bin company
they make tons of diff shit
yeah whats up with that
everything is like milky white
oh i thought you meant drawers
k they used to be like water clear
now they are this kind of diffused clear

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yeah i saw the tanks outside and its way high pressure
no smoking indoors, no pyro, just lights, and its just like a 3 sec blast maybe few times a night
that would prob hurt =\
thats bad for the speakers you cant be heat cycling them like that
haha thats what i bitch everytime they cut the music after a reweind or for the dj to bitch or whatever
that theyre going to break the speakers you cant just let them cool down like that its worse than keeping them warm

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moon gonna have some new bikes soon
isnt o2 way more?
like 3kpsi i think
omg so there is this big theater type venue
is basically a stage and big huge dancefloor w/ bar at the back, then a balcony with theater seats
and they will do this dubstep/electro/dnb thing there, maybe couple thousand people, massive sound, and its a raised wooden floor so you feel the bass and tons of people jumping around same time
anyway, they put these o2 jets on the front edge of the balcony
so everyone sweaty and dancing and you get blasted with cool o2, is like super fresh ultramega a/c, its fucking awesome

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11 millimeter hexagonal links resist attacks from most tools and withstand 16 tons of cut force
16 tons seems like more than a really long bolt cutter
those chain links > u locks
and he had to use the floor for leverage
just dont chain it on something the chain can be brought close to the floor
then you lose

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damn $130
when i was in NYC like i dunno 5 years ago, lots of people on bikes with heavy chains around their waists
then when they stop they lock their bike with it
thats not bad but the lock itself looks a bit pussy compared to the expensive one

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but its okay because if you plug an ethernet cable into our effects processors, it blows up our product!
i dunno how come it didnt happen to me like that
but yeah, midi + aes + 8vdc is bad for ethernet
it makes a smell
like, we have a cable that has neutrik xlr shell rj45
on both sides
but we have this little usb to rj45 interface that uses standard rj45
so now we have cables that only have xlr on one side
so you can still be burning things
besides the trolls?
im considering buying the discovery devboard thing

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20:42 <@Rab> I have 'dirty' and 'clean' work areas to keep metallic particles away from the electronics.
haha, meanwhile in the lab, im like drilling cast aluminum at my desk while reading emails on a laptop 6" away
i need to bug bossguy about getting me that thinkpad IT quoted
i blew up my eth port with our rj45 guitar cable
was amazed i hadnt done it already in 18 months
`nico: sucks, i didnt break it enough
boss found out i can still use the wifi and now hes lagging
i could just drop it off the mezzanine
then when i get the thinkpad i can do the same thing
is it that stupid blue and yellow one?
i think its rite
rab: who knows!
guy who designed it is looong gone

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i <3 rice

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bad music is bad
damn that shark kinda hauls ass
http://airswimmers.com/ not loading
Service Temporarily Unavailable
reddit digg or /.
prob fall out of the sky
need bass for jaws theme!
yeah i thought that but it would sound weird =\
prob work way better than trying to use the shark as a speaker cab

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k i has new zealand grass fed sharp cheddar
sampling with melba toast
fuck yeah, feeding the cheese grass is the way to go
yeah cut out the middleman
er middlecow, i guess
they just send the blocks of cheese out to graze

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pros screw them stacked and back to back and put them on casters
it means the same thing but visually
k bbl werq

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